CIO - IT Communication (Cyber Security Awareness - Continuous Efforts To Protect The City)
Information Privacy & Cyber Security are Hot Topics These Days …The Internet has risen up to be the melting pot of all social networking, banking, shopping, researching and conducting business activities. Unfortunately, it has also created another passage for cyber hacking and digital criminal activities.

How Does The City Protect Our Infrastructure, Business & Customer Information & Data?

CIO - IT Communication (Season Greetings & 2015 At A Glance)
As 2015 comes to an end, I would like to thank all of our Department Heads, cross-functional team members and our business partners for your continued support, ideas and contributions. So much of what we have achieved over this last year is a direct result of our partnership efforts. As this new year approaches us, we hope to continue to grow our partnership as we seek to continuously improve & transform the business technology services within the City of Roseville.

CIO - IT Communication (Cyber Security Awareness - Is Your Mobile Device Secure?)
You could be the next victim of a hack via your smart phone or tablet.

Want to know how easy it is for the bad guys to see what you’re doing? Check out these videos!

CIO - IT Communication (Cyber Security Awareness - Social Media, Stay Safe Online)
Every picture post and status update you share online is sharing information about yourself to the world. How can you make sure you and your information stay safe online?

CIO - IT Communication (Cyber Security Awareness - Beware of Ransomware...)
Beware of what? What is Ransomware? Check out the video links and graphics...

CIO - IT Communication (OC&L Organizational Culture & Leadership)
As you all are aware, the City is in the process of recreating an organizational culture plan. Changing an organization’s culture is one of the most difficult challenges a business can take on because it comprises an interlocking set of goals, roles, values, trust, communications practices, attitudes, engagement, assumptions and processes/policy & structure. Much time and effort must be invested from all of us to help better our workplace and ultimately to improve citizen satisfaction. This is why your feedback has been so important to the efforts.

CIO - IT Communication (2013 At A Glance Report)
This has been a transformational year on the way we do business, learning new things, diversifying our project portfolio and continuously innovating & adjusting to the ever changing world – such as network infrastructure building, enterprise mobility rollout, information / big data analysis, cloud computing, crisis responding, request for proposal review and social media interaction. Here are some of the positive highlights in 2013...

CIO - IT Communication (2013 MISAC & California Governing Conference)
This year conference was one of the most fulfilling technology events I have attended. It covered three simultaneous tracks on management, technology and specific issue regarding GIS.......The 2013 California’s Governing Leadership Forum focused its topics on “Leadership and Disruptive Technology”. Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom was the opening speaker and he encouraged the public to realign the government business with the evolution of the internet commerce today through the use of social media, mobile, information and cloud technology......

CIO - IT Communication (2013 CA-Legislative Bills)
The most recent CA-legislative updates that may have significant impacts to the City are listed below. These business technology bills published on the legislative web pages explain several key reforms on digital protection of personal information, website tracking & monitoring, internet broadband accessibility and enabling of wireless communication services. Future legislative bills will continue to challenge the State of California a lot further toward a more open, transparent and Internet inclusive society.

CIO - IT Communication (Season's Greetings)
More than any other time of the year, December provides a common period of reflection, anticipation, and thankfulness. This special message shares a few examples of the friendship, teamwork, leadership and events that made 2012 a special year for the IT Department and the City of Roseville; and I hope you will enjoy it.

CIO - IT Communication (Business Technology Initiatives)
I was at the MISAC Annual Conference recently in San Diego (Municipal Information Systems Association of California) and the theme for this year is about Leading IT: A 360 Degree Perspective. The State CIO of California – Carlos Ramos had the opportunity to present the opening keynote on “How We Got Here – The Consumer Perspective of State & Local Government IT and The Importance of Understanding and Communicating with our Customers” (see attached). I would like to take this opportunity and share with you some of the best practices I heard in the information packed conference, including his presentation, the State's Strategic Technology Plan and linking it with our strategy goals.

CIO - IT Communication (New IT Organizational Chart - Keep Making Things Happen)
As you know, the Citywide classification study is complete and was finalized in August. There are a number of positive changes that have occurred here in IT with some future transformation as well. Please review the attached new organization chart for the IT Department. The following is a summary of the changes:

CIO - IT Communication (IT Positions & Resources - Ready To Make Things Happen)
As you are aware, the Classification Study was concluded with final approval on the August 15th's Council Meeting and you may begin using the new title on your email signature. The City and the IT Department have grown over the past few years and our job duties and responsibilities have changed significantly, therefore the classification plan includes both title changes, job description updates and some cases...

CIO - IT Communication (Citywide Strategic Technology Plan)
In February of this year, we began developing the 2012-15 Citywide Strategic Technology Plan and the ultimate focus of this effort is to ensure business successes for the City of Roseville's departments. Through successful planning, we will continue to improve project delivery and collaborative efforts. Departments such as Public Works Development Team, Police, Fire, Parks/Rec/Libraries, HR, Finance and Communications have already noticed improvements in collaboration and an increase on the success of IT projects and their business outcomes.

CIO - IT Communication (2012 First Quarter)

Team IT,
I want to take this opportunity to congratulate all of you on a great start to 2012! Thank you for your collaborative efforts on the numerous innovative projects and maintenance tasks recently completed and underway. We are making strong progress to achieve our shared vision for the department, and I appreciate the contributions from each of you. There have too many achievements to mention this quarter, so I will cover some of the highlights.

CIO - IT Communication (2011 Digital Cities Winners Webinar)
The slides are now available for the 2011 Digital Cities Winners Webinar showcase which was presented on January 24th 2011.

CIO - IT Communication (Strategic Business Process Improvement - ITIL and Lean 6-Sigma Combined)
Since Maximo has gone live in Jan-2011 for some of the City’s departments, I have been doing some reading – researching on how we should improve our services in the IT department, and more importantly this organization – The City, and since then compiled some of these documents together, and will try to share with you in this message.

CIO - IT Communication (August)
It is hard to believe that we are closing August in the next few days. The last time we communicated using this format was in April and we were talking about Information Security, Open House, Management Studies and New Fiscal Year Budget. Since then, we have noticed many successes and with the closing of the fiscal year, we will talk about appreciation for specific individual(s) and the entire team.

CIO - IT Communication (Looking Forward)
Previously we wrote about how we as a city partnered together (One City) to use technology to help our organization better serve our Roseville citizens, businesses and visitors. Many successful technology projects were completed last year and we look forward to continuing this positive and productive partnership.

CIO - IT Communication
These past few months have brought many changes and challenges. You all have risen to the occasion with exceptional strength and style! You have extended special effort on multiple fronts and it is greatly appreciated.

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