Protect Yourself Against Utility Payment Scams
News ImageAs your community-owned utility provider, one of our top priorities is to keep your personal and financial information safe from scams and fraudulent activity. We follow procedures that regulate how we communicate with you, take payments and manage delinquent accounts, including the following...

WAPA Crews Slated to Work on 230KV Power Line in Roseville
The Western Area Power Authority will begin installation of fiber optic along the 230 KV lines in Roseville between Fiddyment and Berry Street substations today, Tuesday, April 1. The work, which requires the use of helicopters, is scheduled to continue through Friday, April 4. The daily work schedule will depend upon the weather.

Electric Shade Tree Rebate Program Suspended
Following the City’s recent drought declaration, Roseville Electric is suspending its Shade Tree Rebate program immediately.

Because newly planted trees require extra irrigation for healthy root development, customers must use hundreds of extra gallons of water every month. To support our city’s mandate to customers to conserve, Roseville Electric, your community owned electric utility, has temporarily suspended the Shade Tree Rebate program effective immediately.

New Data Service Delivery Center to Open in Roseville
Quest, a technology management company, announced plans to open a new 120,000 square foot data service delivery center in Roseville. The decision by Quest to expand to Roseville demonstrates the company's commitment to growing operations in California, and Roseville’s position as a premium location for data centers.

Solar Leasing & PPAs Now Accepted
With a recent municipal code change adopted by the City Council, Roseville Electric is now allowing leased solar system projects and solar PPA agreements to be installed in the City of Roseville. See the Residential and Business Solar Energy Program webpages for additional information.

Solar Rebate Changes Effective January 1
Roseville Electric's solar rebate will change effective January 1.

If you are interested in taking advantage of our current rebate levels, it is important you visit our solar page at to learn how to reserve funds. Roseville Electric's solar rebate levels are changing for business customers too. Visit for more information.

The deadline to reserve funds at the current level is Dec. 20, 2013.

Recent Copper Theft Costs the Utility
A recent theft of copper, valued at $30, will cost Roseville Electric thousands to replace.

Thieves chopped into equipment at the corner of Cirby Way and Rocky Ridge Drive between 6 a.m. and 6:30 a.m., September 25 to get to cooper wire. Cooper is stolen from utilities and taken to recyclers for cash. There are many laws in place to keep recyclers from accepting stolen materials, but there is a black market.

Watts Your Energy Usage Meter Loan Program
News ImageEver wondered how much energy that old freezer in the garage uses? Want to know the wattage coming from your entertainment system when it’s in standby mode? Starting in October, stop by your local Roseville Public Library and check out our new Watts Your Energy Usage meter loan kit. Inside, you’ll find everything you need to measure the energy your appliances use.

Savings Slated with New Energy Park Upgrade
Since 2007, the Roseville Energy Park has been using state-of-the-art combined cycle technology to generate approximately 40 percent of the power that Roseville residents and businesses need. Locally generated power has kept prices stable for our customers and enhanced the area’s distribution reliability.

Hydroelectric Rate Adjustment Update
Roseville Electric receives approximately 16 percent of its electricity from hydroelectric resources in northern California. In years with lower than average precipitation, the utility must purchase additional power in the energy market to make up for energy it did not receive. Due to the recent lower than average rainfall, utility customers will see a hydroelectric adjustment on their bills beginning July 1 and continuing through June 30, 2014. The adjustment will account for approximately 1 percent of the total energy bill. For more information please visit or call (916) 79-POWER.

We Provide More than Power
As your community owned electric utility provider, we provide much more than power. We take pride knowing that Roseville Electric enhances the outstanding civic amenities we all enjoy.

Improving Our Service to You
As a community-owned utility, Roseville Electric is committed to providing outstanding service to our customers. Every other year, we conduct a telephone survey and this year’s data shows 94 percent of our customers are satisfied! To those of you who were contacted, we appreciate your participation as it helps us better respond to your needs.

Energy Saving Programs Benefit Everyone
Roseville Electric will invest up to $3 million this year into the local economy in energy efficiency rebates, programs and services.

Crews Put Finishing Touch on Centennial Clock
News ImageRoseville Electric crews put the finishing touches on the Centennial Clock earlier this week, permanently sealing the base which houses the community-owned utility's time capsules.

The time capsule holds tools, equipment, reports and other mementos that demonstrate what it was like to work at the electric utility in 2012. The capsule is slated to be reopened in 25 years - Roseville Electric's 125th anniversary.

New Drive up Utility Bill Payment Box
News ImageA second utility bill payment box has been added in downtown Roseville. The box is across Vernon Street from the Civic Center, in the parking lot next to 316 Vernon Street.

The placement of the new payment box allows residents to drop off their utility payment from their vehicle. It will remain at this location during the town square construction period.

There is also a payment box outside the entrance doors to the Civic Center at 311 Vernon Street.

Roseville Electric Celebrates 100 years of Public Power
Roseville Electric kicked off its 100th Anniversary Celebration with the Centennial Clock and Time Capsule Ceremony.

We'd like to thank our partners for their support: Roseville City Council, Roseville City Manager's Office, Roseville Historical Society, Roseville Public Works, Roseville Parks, Recreation and Libraries, Roseville Revitalization, Roseville Building Inspection, KB Homes, Green Acres Nursery, Chapman Monument, PBM Construction, Cagwin & Dorward, Eagle Scout Joshua Sampson, and Randy Peter's Catering.

Plant a tree - it's on us!
Roseville Electric is offering rebates of up to $50 for each qualifying shade tree you buy and plant yourself. Visit or call 79-POWER (797-6937).

mPOWER Placerhelping local businesses turn a new shade of green!
If you thought making your commercial property more energy efficient was too expensive... think again. There are a variety of ways to make your property more efficient and reduce your monthly utility bills.

Save Money and Time; Apply for Your Lighting Rebates Online
Roseville businesses can now apply online for lighting efficiency rebates. Not only will you save money on your monthly utility bill using energy efficient lighting, but our new online application process will also save you time. Visit to learn about how to qualify then go to the form and submit it immediately. For questions, call 79-POWER (797-6937).

Take advantage of business lighting rebates now!
New federal legislation will eliminate most T12 lamps beginning July 2012. For businesses that means now is the time for you to take advantage of Roseville Electric lighting rebates to upgrade now - don't wait!

Here's more information on the change and what it means to your business. Also, check out how Roseville Electric can help reduce your upgrade costs.

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