Public Affairs & Communications

How and where do I get a City Council meeting video?
You can watch current and past Council meetings on our website, via streaming video, or check out a DVD from the Downtown Library located at 225 Taylor Street.
Many of the city commission meetings (such as the Public Utilities Commission or Planning Commission) are available as well.  For any questions please contact the Communications Division at 774-5357.
225 Taylor Street

CA 95678
Phone: 916.774.5221
How do I contact the Public Affairs & Communications Department?
You can reach the Public Affairs & Communications Department at (916)774-5378 or by e-mail at
311 Vernon St.

CA 95678
Phone: 916.774.5378
Fax: 916.774.5485
How do I find the Government Access Channel on my TV?
Roseville's Government Access Channel is shown on Channel 14 on Comcast cable and Channel 73 on Sure West cable.  Roseville's Government Access Channel is not broadcast on Direct TV or Dish Network.

Roseville's Government Access Channel is streamed live on the City's web site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Phone: 916.774.5357
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