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If you are using a Public PC, remember to save your work often. If the PC restarts, anything stored on the PC will be erased. Use your own personal storage device to safeguard your data.


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Computers are available at all Roseville Public Library locations.
Free wireless access is also available daily until 5 minutes before closing.

Use of Public Computers
Users must agree to our
Computer and Internet Policy. At times, computers may be reserved for for classes, etc.

How To Log In
If you have a Roseville Public Library card, click 'available' on a PC, enter your library card number, last name, and agree to the policy.
If you do not have a library card, you may request a guest pass. Guests must provide ID. Passes will not be issued to minors without a parent present. You will automatically be assigned a length of time depending on the area you selected, usually 30 or 60 minutes. If no PC's are available, you may make a reservation.

Reservations may be made the same day in person.
Users may log in immediately if computers are available. At the reservation station, you will need your library card number. Follow the on-screen instructions to make a reservation or ask a staff member for assistance.

All public use computers have printing capabilities. Black & white is $.20 and color is $0.50 per page.

Saving Files
Be sure to save files often, they are not retrievable after a session has ended. If you think you will need the files after your session ends, save them to some form of removable media such as a USB drive, CD, or email them to yourself as an attachment. USB drives and CDs are for sale at the Circulation Desk.

Free Wireless
The network name is "library.rosenet.air". You should be able to see it once you start your wireless device. Connect to the network, then start a browser and navigate to any URL that does not begin 'https'. The network will redirect you to a login page. Enter your email address to log in and accept the Internet Policy. You are now connected . If you are not redirected, try entering the URL of the login page : .

Having problems with Wireless Access?
Make sure you are trying to access the correct network. (library.rosenet.air) Check that your wireless is turned on and you have a good signal. Try using a different browser or clearing the cache in your browser. If your wireless is connected, but you can't log in, try the direct URL to the login page: . If these steps don't work, restart your device and retry them. If you are still having problems, notify a staff member. We can check that the network is up or report an issue to our internal IT staff. Please refer questions related to your device or software to the manufacturer.

Using Search Engines such as Google, Bing, etc.
Keywords related to a topic are typed into a search "box", the search tools then scans its database and returns a file with links to websites containing the words or phrases entered. They often return thousands of results.

To use earch engines effectively, try to apply these techniques to narrow down your results to what you actually need:

  • Identify keywords, and break the topic down to key concepts.
  • Boolean "and": using the word "and" between search terms tells the engine to retrieve web pages containing all the keywords.
  • Boolean "and not": placing "and not" tells the engine to retrieve results containing one keyword, but not another.

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