Affordable Housing Policy

The City of Roseville has been assisting the development of new housing that is affordable for its low and middle income families since the early 1980's. The City has provided its assistance in a variety of ways and in return required a certain portion of housing units to be affordable to a specific income group. The City has established a 10 percent affordable housing goal in an effort to create a partnership with the development and business communities in providing housing for low to middle income families.

The Affordable Housing Development Agreements (AHDA) are the mechanisms by which affordable units are identified. The AHDA requires affordability be maintained for a specific time period. City staff monitors each AHDA project on an annual basis to ensure compliance and reports its findings to the City Council during a public hearing.

Housing Element
The purpose of the Housing Element is to identify and analyze existing and projected housing needs in an effort to preserve, improve, and develop housing for all economic segments of the community. The Roseville Housing Element is an eight-year proactive document, comprising guidelines for the long-term development of housing in the city.

Inclusionary Units (AB987)
In accordance with the requirements of AB987, passed by the California State Legislature (2007), this worksheet describes existing and substantially rehabilitated housing units developed or otherwise assisted with Low- and Moderate-Income Housing Funds, including units counted to meet inclusionary and replacement housing obligations and is available for public review. Please be aware that this is only a listing of affordable housing that has been assisted through the Redevelopment Agency of the City of Roseville (RDA). This is not a listing of currently available housing. This database is updated annually.

Roseville Redevelopment Agency Affordable Housing - Inclusionary Units