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Future Projects

Content Management Systems (CMS) Replacement/Content Refresh
The e-Government Team, Communications Team and several City Departments have expressed interest in moving forward with a concept paper to begin the process of outlining the scope for the citywide CMS
replacement. The intent is to develop a clearly-defined set of requirements (possibly in multiple phases) so that the City can make an informed decision as to the best approach to roll out a new CMS.

  • Increase overall communication between residents, businesses and the City.
  • Improve customer service and response times.
  • Integrate our e-Government portal for a seamless mobile to browser experience.
  • Provide two-way interaction that will allow residents to see City responses and request status.
  • Integrate breaking news and event information.
  • Provide an easy-to-use editing component that allows for more efficient self-service updating by departments and production and distribution of specialized electronic newsletters

Police Body Camera & In-Car Video Solutions
Digital video evidence helps Public Safety organizations reduce departmental claims, increase consistency / recollection of events, and help catch actions or statements that may have gone otherwise missed. As a growing city, it is essential that we protect the City against false claims and the citizens / staff from criminals that may get off on what could be a definitive case.

The Police department is investigating the benefits of both in car and body worn digital video recording devices. It is currently unknown if these systems should be somehow symbiotic or stand alone in their use. We are also investigating digital video storage infrastructure considerations and retention policies. Research into the capabilities of each system, cost and ongoing maintenance should provide important information to help the police department and IT identify the best solution.


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