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CIS Upgrade/Replacement

The CIS system holds all of the utility customer information and creates utility bills for the City’s 58,000 utility accounts.  This system generates over $185 million in utility revenue annually. 

The City implemented the current version of the CIS software in November 2003.  Since that time, CIS vendors have continued to invest in research and product development, and the latest versions of CIS software systems contain numerous improvements and new features that the City would like to take advantage of.  Many of these new features would enable us to reduce the number of customizations in our current system.  This would result in lower maintenance costs.

Because we have not updated the CIS system in almost six years, the City is currently using an unsupported and outdated version of the product.  Our CIS vendor no longer supports the software version used by the City, so if we identify an issue, we must pay for the correction to be implemented.  (This is in addition to our annual fee for system maintenance.)  Also, our current version has prevented us from increasing efficiencies and implementing functionality that is needed by our internal and external customers.


HRIS Upgrade/Replacement

HR staff is requesting approval to begin researching viable Human Resources Information System (HRIS) options. The Human Resources department utilizes a number of software solutions and spreadsheets to accomplish its business.  These solutions share some of the same data and are not well integrated. The current business process is slow, susceptible to errors and inefficient.  A tremendous amount of staff time is spent manually entering and tracking data as well as reporting. At times, Human Resources staff is unable to provide critical information to requesting departments.

The intent of this project is to research viable HRIS options and costs.  A fully integrated HRIS will provide solutions or modules for all of the HR functions listed in 2.1. The advantages of a fully integrated HRIS include:

·         Streamlined HR business processes

·         Faster information processing

·         Greater information accuracy

·         Improved planning and program development

·         Better reporting and tracking capabilities

·         Enhanced employee communications. 

An integrated HRIS system will allow HR to spend less time on transactional work and to focus more on strategic and work force planning.

Wireless Infrastructure Upgrade

The purpose of this project is to update the City’s wireless infrastructure. Our current infrastructure is several years old, and although it has served us well it is outdated in terms of its functionality and management. One of the key concerns we have is an ever increasing number and sophistication of technology security threats. Although, the Information Technology team has done everything that can be done to increase functionality and security of the current infrastructure, we are limited by the technology that is in place.

There are several solutions on the market today that provide increased functionality, security, and manageability. The Network Communications team will research available options and their associated cost.

The current wireless infrastructure provides access only to the internet. With an ever increasing number of mobile devices (iOS, Android, etc.) we need to provide a secure wireless method to the intranet without the need for a separate VPN solution.

Currently we segment the public wireless traffic from staff wireless via VLANs which must be presented at each access point in the city. New technology will enable us to present the VLANs at the access points without the need to trunk them all the way back to Oak St. The new technology can tunnel the traffic on a common VLAN.

We currently have no means for rogue access point detection. New technology will provide this.

This upgrade will centralize management of access points. Currently this is not possible; each access point must be individually accessed to make a configuration change. There are approximately 80 access points around the city. New technology provides centralized management from a single appliance which then deploys the changes to all access points simultaneously or in a staged manner.


Stormwater Permit Upgrade

The purpose of this project is to enable the City to comply with new permitting requirements being mandated by the California State Water Resources Board. Currently, after Stormwater construction inspectors inspect construction sites, they return to their office and record the inspection results in a Stormwater application.  This internally maintained application was converted from an Access database a few years ago to a .NET front end with a SQL Server backend.

Once the project is complete, Stormwater inspectors will be able to collect more data points and generate more reports.  The additional data points and reports are being mandated by the state. The proposed solution is to upgrade the existing Stormwater application.  The application GUI will have to be modified to capture more data along with database schema changes.  Approximately seven new reports will have to be created.  GIS integration may be needed but a simple, manual data collection method may suffice. 


800 Mhz Radio Infrastructure Replacement

The current Motorola 800MHz radio infrastructure’s support is scheduled to terminate beginning in March 2017. Therefore the City needs to replace its primary voice communication system. The anticipated completion date is at least by December 2016 to ensure continuous communications. Most City departments use 800MHz radio technology to communicate on a daily basis.

This project would ensure continued communications that City departments rely on during their daily tasks. In addition, it will improve interoperability with neighboring public safety agencies as well as provide the potential for encryption to privatize communications where necessary.


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