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Charity Car Washing

Eco-Friendly Charity Car Wash Program

Photo Courtesy of Washington State Dept. of Ecology
Photo courtesy of Washington State Dept. of Ecology
The Eco-Friendly Charity Car Wash Program is a good way for your charity to raise funds while protecting the environment at the same time.

Traditional car-washing fundraisers held in parking lots drain to storm drains. These untreated discharges flow directly to our local creeks. This can harm wildlife and degrade the environment. Typically, these fundraisers consume significant amounts of your charity's time and energy.

The City's Eco-Friendly Charity Car Wash Program helps address these concerns by connecting charities with local car wash facilities. These businesses are plumbed to the sanitary sewer. Polluted water from car-washing events held at these facilities is sent to the City's wastewater plant and cleaned prior to discharge. This is a win-win solution for your charity, the environment, and the car wash business.

The details of each facility's program varies, but the main similarity is that your charity makes money. When you send your supporters to a participating car wash, a portion of the proceeds go back to you and your customers enjoy a professionally cleaned car. The car wash facility may have a voucher system or use your labor. It's really up to them, but you share in the benefits.

Call or visit one of the participating car wash facilities below for more detail.

Quick Quack Car Wash
1391 Blue Oaks Boulevard
Roseville, CA 95678
(916) 772-3274

Sundance Car Wash Inc.
525 Cirby Way
Roseville, CA 95678
(916) 773-9274

The Eco-Friendly Car Wash Program greens your charity and gives you a leg up on the competition. Your customers, the environment, and local businesses win, and most importantly your organization is successful too.

Car Wash Kit for Charity Events

The City's new environmentally-friendly car wash kit helps keep soap, oils and other contaminants out of Roseville's creeks. These kits will be loaned to your charity free of charge. If your group is planning to have a car wash event, fill out this agreement form and contact the City's Stormwater Management Program at (916) 774-5751 to reserve your charity car wash kit now.

Watch this video to see how the Car Wash Kit works.