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Riverside Gateway


The Riverside Gateway Specific Plan was adopted by City Council on March 15, 2006.

On November 8, 2004, the Central Roseville Revitalization Committee reviewed the 5 development strategies that were developed by the Steering Committee. At this meeting, the City and the consultant team presented the development strategies for the Riverside Gateway project based on the approval and recommendation of the Steering Committee. The CRRC supported the following recommendations:

Parking Strategy: The Committee supported the proposed parking strategy that is based on; offsetting parking needs by providing additional on-street parking, consolidating and creating alley loaded parking fields, providing a central parking lot on Riverside Avenue, amending the parking requirement to reflect a mixed use standard and creating an in-lieu fee to develop future parking.

Pedestrian Friendly Improvements: The Committee supported the pedestrian friendly improvements, including the use of bulb-outs, sidewalk replacement, one-way alleyways with pedestrian shoulders, enhanced crosswalks and a roundabout at the intersection of Douglas and Riverside Avenue

Enhancement of the Streetscape: Streetscape features that include such items as furniture, signage, banners and other amenities that are similar in nature to the Vernon Streetscape design.

Land Use Strategy: The Committee supported an increase in the Floor Area Ratio standard, adding a mix of residential uses and establishing more flexible design and development standards for the Riverside Gateway project area.

Catalyst Sites: In order to promote redevelopment in the area the Committee felt that it was important for the City to support and pursue funding for a catalyst project within the Riverside Gateway project area.

Residential Exemption: The Committee recognized that there are several existing residential homes that front onto Riverside Avenue, and felt that these residents should be exempt from a future landscaping and lighting district until the units converted to a commercial or new residential use.

Additional information is available on the following topics:

Specific Plan Documents

Final Specific Plan document

Final Specific Plan document appendices

Riverside Gateway DEIR Volume 1

Riverside Gateway DEIR Volume 2

Traffic Appendix

Project Overview

Overview Brochure


Transit Brochure

Bikeway and Pedestrian Handout

Design Proto-types

Proto-types Fact Sheet

Riverside Gateway Design Prototypes

Prototype I Application

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The following summarizes the steps in the Project Schedule/Improvement Strategies:

Finalize Streetscape Plan
Prepare Construction Documents – Fall ‘05
Complete Specific Plan, EIR and Design Guidelines - Spring '06
Bid for Construction – Summer '08
Construct Streetscape Improvements – October 2008 through February 2010

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