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Environmental Documents & Public Notices

Please check this page for periodic postings of Environment Documents and Public Notices related to projects located within the City of Roseville.  You can also view archived environmental documents here.

You may email the Planning Department at:

Private Development Projects
Section UL
Broadstone Holden Negative Declaration & Initial Study
Broadstone Holden Notice of Intent to Adopt a Negative Declaration
Broadstone Holden Attachment 1 Noise Study
Broadstone Holden Attachment 2 Traffic Memo
Broadstone Holden Attachment 3 Air Quality
Broadstone Apartments Amenity Plan
Broadstone Apartments Building Elevations
Broadstone Apartments Colors and Materials
Broadstone Apartments Floor Plans
Broadstone Apartments Garage Plans
Broadstone Apartments Illustratives
Broadstone Apartments Rendering 1
Broadstone Apartments Rendering 2
Broadstone Apartments Roof Plan
Broadstone Apartments Unit Plans
Broadstone Holden Overall Grading and Drainage
Broadstone Holden Overall Landscape Plan
Broadstone Holden Overall Site Plan
Broadstone Holden Parcel 44 GPA-SPA Exhibit
Broadstone Holden Site Details
Broadstone Holden Tentative Parcel Map
Broadstone Holden Utility & Stormwater Plan
Holden Assisted Living Building Elevations
Holden Assisted Living Color & Materials
Holden Assisted Living Floor Plans
Holden Assisted Living Illustrative
Holden Assisted Living Roof Plan
Holden Assisted Living Site Plan
John Adams Academy (JAA) Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration
John Adams Academy (JAA) Negative Declaration - Exhibit F: Mitigation Monitoring
John Adams Academy Negative Declaration Attachment 3-Kimley-Horn Roseville JAA Traffic Study-May 2017
John Adams Academy (JAA) Negative Declaration - Exhibits A through E
John Adams Academy Negative Declaration Attachment 1 - JAA Campus Multi-Purpose Room Program Document
John Adams Academy Negative Declaration Attachment 2-Kimley-Horn Roseville JAA Traffic Evaluation_011316
John Adams Academy Negative Declaration Attachment 4-JAA Arborist Report