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Downtown Specific Plan

The Downtown Specific Plan (DTSP) encompasses 176 acres and includes the Historic Old Town, Vernon Street District, and Royer and Saugstad Parks. The Plan area is divided into 11 districtsHistoric Roseville and emphasizes the addition of mixed-use and residential development. At build-out, the Plan area is expected to accommodate 900,000 square feet of new ground floor retail development, 1,020 new residential units, and a cumulative total of 4.4 million square feet.

The DTSP is the overriding policy document and contains the guiding principles for development of the plan area. The associated Downtown Code is the implementing document that takes the polices from the DTSP and physically applies them to the parcel/districts. The Downtown Code has been adopted in Chapter 19.31 of the Roseville Municipal Code, and includes development and sign regulations, regulatory incentives and design guidelines that are unique to the plan area. The Plan was adopted in April 2009.

For the Downtown Specific Plan Appendix A & G please contact the Planning department (916) 774-5276. The file sizes are too large to post on the website.

Downtown Specific Plan
Section UL
Downtown Specific Plan 00 - Table of Contents
Downtown Specific Plan 01 - Introduction
Downtown Specific Plan 02 - Project Summary
Downtown Specific Plan 03 - Existing Conditions
Downtown Specific Plan 04 - Land Use Plan
Downtown Specific Plan 05 - Community Form
Downtown Specific Plan 06 - Parking and Circulation
Downtown Specific Plan 07 - Public Services, Facilities and Utilities
Downtown Specific Plan 08 - Parks and Open Spaces
Downtown Specific Plan 09 - Plan Administration
Downtown Specific Plan 10 - Implementation
DTSP - Appendix B - Comparative Site Analysis Report - Replacement Headquarters - Fire Station No. 1
DTSP - Appendix C - Roseville Civic Center Expansion Analysis
DTSP - Appendix D - Implementation Strategy Potential Funding Approaches
DTSP - Appendix E - Utility Infrastructure Analysis
DTSP - Appendix F - Hydraulic Study
DTSP - Appendix G - Biological Resource Assessment (also known as DEIR Appendix D)
DTSP - Executive Summary
Downtown Code
Section UL
Downtown Code 00 - Cover & Table of Contents
Downtown Code 01 - Introduction
Downtown Code 02 - Land Use and Zoning
Downtown Code 03 - Regulatory Incentives
Downtown Code 04 - District Standards
Downtown Code 05 - Development Design Guidelines and Standards
Downtown Code 06 - Public Realm Improvements
Downtown Code 07 - Downtown Specific Ordinances
Downtown Code 08 - Signage
Downtown Code 09 - Pre-Design Projects
Downtown Code 10 - Definitions
Downtown Code 11 - Appendices A - F
Downtown Specific Plan Final Environmental Impact Report
Section UL
Downtown Specific Plan Final Environmental Impact Report
Downtown Specific Plan Mitigation Monitoring Program
Downtown Specific Plan Draft Environmental Impact Report
Section UL
Draft EIR 00 - Cover Page
Draft EIR 00 -Table of Contents
Draft EIR 1.0 - Introduction
Draft EIR 10.0 - Report Preparation
Draft EIR 11.0 - Acronym
Draft EIR 2.0 - Summary
Draft EIR 3.0 - Project Description
Draft EIR 4.0 - Approach Environmental Analysis
Draft EIR 4.1 - Land Use Planning
Draft EIR 4.10 - Air Quality
Draft EIR 4.11 - Noise
Draft EIR 4.12 - Hydrology
Draft EIR 4.2 - Public Utilities
Draft EIR 4.3 - Public Services
Draft EIR 4.4 - Geology and Soils
Draft EIR 4.5 - Aesthetics
Draft EIR 4.6 - Traffic
Draft EIR 4.7 - Cultural Resources
Draft EIR 4.8 - Hazardous Materials
Draft EIR 4.9 - Biological Resources
Draft EIR 5.0 - Cumulative
Draft EIR 6.0 - Growth Inducing
Draft EIR 7.0 - Significant Unavoidable
Draft EIR 8.0 - Alternative Analysis
Draft EIR 9.0 - References
DTSP Draft Environmental Impact Report - Appendices
Section UL
A - Notice of Preparation
B - Traffic Data
C1 - Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
C2 - Phase I ESA Appendices
E - Hydraulic Study
F - Noise Monitoring
G - Air Quality Data