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Westpark Phase 4 Specific Plan Amendment

The Westpark Phase 4 Amendment was approved by City Council on July 17, 2013.

Project Name:
Westpark Phase 4 Specific Plan Amendment
Project Address: 2300 Westbrook Boulevard, West Roseville Specific Plan Area
Project Number: 2013PL-008 (GPA-000069, SPA-000050, RZ-000064, DA-000054 & SUB-000172)
Applicant: John Tallman, Westpark Associates, (916) 774-3400 or
Property Owner: West Roseville LLC
Project Planner: Kathy Pease, City of Roseville, (916)774-5276 or

Project Description:
In March, 2013, Westpark, submitted an application for the Westpark Phase 4 Amendment Project. The applicant requests approval of a Specific Plan Amendment (SPA), General Plan Amendment (GPA), Rezone (RZ), Large Lot Map, Tentative Subdivision Map (SUB), and Development Agreement Amendment (DAA) which would allow for 25 additional units within the Phase 4 portion of Westpark.

The proposed project would make several adjustments to the land uses including unit allocation. Overall density would be reduced by increasing low density residential units and reducing the amount of high-density and light industrial uses. The school site would be moved to the west, and will be slightly increased and overall park uses will be reduced by approximately 6 acres, with the reduction in density. The project would accommodate 894 low density residential (LDR) units, and 170 high density (HDR) units (original approvals included 780 LDR and 252 HDR units). Several city-owned parcels would be rezoned from Light Industrial (LI) to Community Commercial (CC) and Park. The revised land use plan will not change the footprint of the WRSP, but would redistribute certain land uses (LDR and HDR, CC, P/R, P/Q-P, and Right-of-way) within the project area. In addition, the proposal would allow approximately 57 low density residential units within a portion of the 1,000-foot buffer to the Pleasant Grove Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The revised land use plan will not change the footprint of the West Roseville Specific Plan (WRSP); but would redistribute certain land uses (LDR, LDR [Pocket Parks], MDR and HDR, CC, P/R, OS, P/QP, and Right-of-Way) within the project area.