Sign Applications

Sign Permit requests are reviewed by the Planning Department to determine conformance with the City's Sign Ordinance and the Approved Planned Sign Permit Program, if applicable. Banners/temporary signs do not require a permit, but must conform with the provisions of the Sign Ordinance.

The Planning Department's processing time is normally 10 working days; however, it is dependent upon the number of similar requests before the City. Many sign applications can be approved over-the counter. Freestanding signs in driveway medians also require review and approval from the Fire Department. The processing of Planned Sign Permit Programs (PSPP) take approximately 4-6 weeks.

After the Planning Department has reviewed and approved the request, the information will be forwarded to the Building Division. If the sign has electrical and/or structural requirements, a building permit is required. When the Planning Department and Building Division have approved the sign permit application, the sign and/or building permits will be prepared and the applicant is notified.

Follow the link to Title 17 of the Roseville Municipal Code for the City of Roseville Sign Ordinance.

Sign Ordinance - May 2008 (Non-codified)

Roseville Municipal Code

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