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Final/Parcel Maps

The parcel or final map shall be prepared by or under the direction of a registered civil engineer authorized to practice land surveying or licensed land surveyor in the manner required by the State Subdivision Map Act and the City of Roseville Improvement Standards.

Grant of Easements

Easements are obtained in favor of the City for installation, maintenance and protection of any and all facilities owned by the City including, but not limited to, landscaping, electric, water, sewer and storm drainage. All easements must be recorded with the Placer County Recorder in order for the easement to be of public record.

  • Download a copy of the application form Policy and Procedure for Processing Grant of Easements or acquire a printed copy from the City.
    • All items required for submittal are outlined in the application form.
  • Standard easement forms and subordination agreements shall be obtained from the City.
  • Standard review times for the easement approval process is 4 weeks for first review and 2 weeks for any necessary subsequent reviews.

Lot Line Adjustment

Upon discretionary approval by the City's Planning Division of the Development Services Department, the lot line adjustment must be submitted to the Engineering - Land Development Division of the Development Services Department for final review. Lot line adjustments occur when the property lines from two (2) to four (4) adjacent lots are adjusted and where a greater number of lots than currently exists are not created.

Kerry Andrews
Assistant Engineer - Map Review

Development Services - Engineering
Land Development
311 Vernon Street
(916) 774-5339
(916) 774-5379Fax
(916) 774-5220 TDD

Final/Parcel Maps
Grant of Easements
Lot Line Adjustments

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