Residential Fee Deferral Program

Single family homes in Roseville

On January 15, 2014, City Council approved an extension of the Single Family Residential Fee Deferral Program.

  • Deferral is available to all new construction for single family residences
  • Deferral applies to City controlled fees
  • Deferral program is extended to December 31, 2014

Program Overview

  • Submit an application for fee deferral along with the permit application.
  • Pay a portion of the fees at issuance. The balance due at issuance includes those fees not controlled by the City, along with an administrative fee of $250 for each permit that utilizes the program.  
  • Permit is issued.
  • Prior to scheduling a final inspection, pay the balance of the building permit fees.
  • Once the fees are paid, a final building inspection can typically be scheduled for the following business day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can the fee deferral apply to permits currently being plan checked?
A: Yes, provided the permit has not been issued.

Q: Can permit fees be refunded for permits that have been issued?
A: No, the program provides for deferrals only, no refunds.

Q: Will participation in the deferral program require more time to process my permit requests?
A: Typically no.  However dependent on the number of permit requests it may take three to four weeks from submittal to issuance. 

Q: What fees are due at time of permit application submittal?
A: Planning Review Fee    $117 per batch
    Building Review Fee     $400 per lot

Q: How do I know what fees are due at Final inspection?
A: The balance due is provided by the permit technician upon completion of plan review.

Q: Can I get a temporary final to move customers in while I am waiting to process the final payment?

A: No, all fees must be paid in full in order to occupy the home.

Q: Once my permit is submitted, can I submit a change order to change square footage, or building elevation?
A: Change orders for square footage or building elevation will be accepted through the City’s normal change order protocol. Fees associated with change orders cannot be deferred and are due and payable at issuance.

Q: Are my fees secured at the date of issuance or are the fees that are deferred subject to adjustment?
A: Yes, fees are secured at the date of issuance and the fees are not subject to adjustment.

Q: Can I mix deferrals and direct payments within a batch of permits?
A: No, permits within a batch must be consistent; all permits must be paid at issuance or be deferrals.

Q: Can I defer my school fees?
A: No, the City does not control school fees.

Q: Will the program be extended past December 31, 2014?
A: Possibly, the city will review the program annually and will consider the need to continue the program.

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