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Community Development Division

2013 Development Impact Fee Suspension & Adjustments

Updated Building Permit Production Home Process

Residential Fee Deferral Program

On November 17, 2010 City Council approved an extension of the deferral of fees to building final.

  • Deferral is available to all single new construction for single family residences
  • Deferral applies to City controlled fees
  • Deferral program is extended to December 31, 2012

Commercial and Industrial Fee Booklet
Update July 1, 2013

Residential Fee Booklet
Update July 1, 2013

The Community Development Department oversees the coordination of the City's development permitting processes. This includes: interdepartmental projects and programs; environmental review and permitting; business/community outreach assistance; annual development agreement review and monitoring; entitlement and plan check tracking; and coordination of the Permit Center. Community Development also coordinates the overall activities of the following four development departments: Electric, Environmental Utilities, Planning and Public Works.

Kevin Payne
Development Services Director
311 Vernon Street
Roseville, CA 95678
(916) 774-5285
(916) 774-5195 [fax]

Brandy LeBeau
Administrative Assistant
Development Services
(916) 774-5285

Building Inspection Division
(916) 774-5332

Land Development Engineering Division
(916) 774-5339

Code Enforcement
(916) 774-5501

Planning Division
(916) 774-5276


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