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Pyrotechnics & Fireworks Enforcement

The Fire Department enforces all fireworks related laws and ordinances. The three primary fireworks programs include Safe and Sane fireworks, public display shows and illegal fireworks enforcement.


Safe and Sane Fireworks
Public Display Shows
Illegal Fireworks Enforcement

Safe and Sane Fireworks:

California approved Safe and Sane fireworks are allowed to be sold and used in the City of Roseville. They are illegal in the unincorporated areas of Placer County, including the community of Granite Bay. The City Council grants 15 fireworks booth permits each year to non-profit organizations meeting specific guidelines outlined in the fireworks ordinance. View the fireworks ordinance.

There are no fireworks booth permits available for 2014:

Printed application can also be obtained by visiting Fire Administration at 401 Oak Street in the heart of Downtown Roseville! Office Hours are M-F 8 am-5 p.m.

View information on how to prevent injuries caused by legal fireworks.

NFPA News Release:

Safe and Safe Fireworks Safety Tips

Public Display Shows

All fireworks public display shows are regulated under a permit issued by the Fire Chief. All regulations, as outlined in Title 19, are strictly enforced. Public fireworks display shows are inspected by qualified fire inspectors to ensure public safety.

Illegal Fireworks Enforcement

The Roseville Fire Department is a partner in the Sacramento Regional Fireworks Task Force. The Fire Department enforces a "zero tolerance" policy as it relates to sales, possession and use of illegal fireworks.

Remember, any firework that flies in the air, darts across the ground or explodes is considered illegal in California. If it doesn't have the California State Fire Marshal seal on the packaging, it's illegal. The Fire Department utilizes fire investigators to aggressively enforce fireworks laws.