California Accidental Release Prevention Program (CalARP)

The Roseville CUPA implements the California Accidental Release Prevention Program (CalARP) within Roseville city limits. This program affects businesses that store or use certain hazardous materials in excess of threshold quantities that may have off-site consequences if released. The program requires an assessment of the off-site hazard potential, and the implementation of a program to minimize the risk of release. Businesses that are required to prepare a Risk Management Plan for the Environmental Protection Agency pursuant to 40 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Part 68, are also required to submit a copy of their Risk Management Plan to the Roseville Fire Department.

The regulations for this program, the list of hazardous materials and their threshold quantities, may be found on the California Office of Emergency Services website. CalARP is California's version of the federal Risk Management Plan Program authorized under the Clean Air Act and found in 40 CFR Part 68.

Local Guidelines

The following guidelines are also applicable to businesses in the City of Roseville

More regulatory information is available on the following web pages: