Dedicated to: Pete Badovinac
Address: 1900 Eureka Road | Map
Location: East Roseville
Engines/Apparatus: Engine 4, Grass 4

About Station 4

Fire Station 4 is located at 1900 Eureka Blvd on the east end of Roseville. Fire Station 4 was built in 1991 and dedicated to past Fire Chief Pete Badovinac. The Station houses Engine 4 and Grass 4 with three personnel at all times.

Engine 4 is a HI TECH 1500 GPM pumper that was built in 2005 and was placed into service at Station 4 in 2006. E4 is staffed with a Captain, Engineer, and Paramedic Firefighter 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Grass 4 is a type 4 engine that primarily responds to grass fires. Grass 4 has 4-wheel drive and is small enough to gain access to many of the bike trails in the City of Roseville. Grass 4 has a 150 GPM pump and holds 300 gallons of water.

Some of the areas Fire Station 4 covers are Maidu Park, Kaiser Medical Center, and the heavily traveled Douglas Blvd. The district boarders next to Granite Bay and often responds with South Placer Fire district when necessary.