Fire Station 5
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Address: 1565 Pleasant Grove Blvd | Map
Location: West Roseville
Response Area: Includes Del Webb Sun City, Woodcreek High School, Mahany Park
Engines/Apparatus: Engine 5, Brush Rig

About Station 5

Fire Station 5 is located at 1565 Pleasant Grove Blvd on the west side of the city. It houses an engine and a brush rig. The majority of Station 5’s calls are in Del Webb Sun City. Station 5 also has Woodcreek High School and Mahany Park within its response area.

Station 5 has an engine which is stocked with fire hose, extinguishers, flash lights, ropes, medical gear and swift water rescue equipment. The engine is equipped with a 500 gallon tank that can control smaller fires such as car fires or dumpster fires. 

Brush 5 is classified as a type 3 vehicle which means it can respond to wildland fires. It carries many of the same equipment that the engine does but is more wildland specific. It has hand tools and a chainsaw for cutting and removing brush and trees. Brush 5 can be deployed to any major wildland fire within the state at a moment’s notice.

The crews at Station 5 enjoy working out and cooking when not responding to calls. You may even see them out familiarizing themselves with the area. It’s routine for crews to inspect businesses, apartment buildings and access ways to bike trails and creeks.