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Are aerial photographs of the City available for viewing or purchase?
Yes, aerials are available for purchase.  For more information, contact our office at 916-774-5339.
Can I get copies of Improvement Plans or Maps?  Is there a fee for these items?
Improvement Plans and Maps are available for viewing at the Permit Center.  Copies can be made at a cost of $3.00 per sheet for 24” x 36” sheets.
Can I place a fence at the edge of the sidewalk?
Typically, a fence or retaining wall is permitted at the edge of the sidewalk but there are exceptions.  If the fence or wall is to be located with a public utility easement then an application for an encroachment permit must be submitted and reviewed for possible conflict with utilities. 
Do I have any easements on my property?  Where are they located?
To the extent available, Record Maps and Improvement Plans can be viewed at the Permit Center to determine locations of easements on a particular property.  If more information is required, you will be referred to the County Recorder’s Office or to a private title company.
I am having a swimming pool installed and would like the construction equipment to access my backyard through the bike path adjacent to my house.
The City does not allow bike paths, designated open spaces or City landscape easements to be used for access to a homeowner’s property.
I have a dispute with my neighbor as to the location of the property line between our homes; will the City help resolve this?
No, this is a civil issue between the two property owners and the City does not get involved.  The public can access resources at the City such as Parcel Maps and Subdivision Maps, which show property lines, but obtaining a property survey by a licensed property surveyor is the accurate way to determine actual property lines and boundaries. Private property surveys are not services provided by the City.
I have a public easement on my property, what am I allowed to do within the easement? 
No permanent structures can be built within any easement, and the intended use of the easement must be maintained.
I want to know if my property is located in a floodplain
Most of Roseville is "high and dry" as less than 7% of Roseville is located in a floodplain, and most of those areas are open space (no homes). However, there are still a few areas in Roseville that are susceptible to flooding. If you want to know if your property is in the floodplain, please contact the Engineering Division at (916) 746-1300 and ask to speak to someone in the Floodplain Management Section.
I want to replace some sidewalk in front of my house, what is required for this? 
An encroachment permit is required to do this work.  The City has a standard detail that is to be used for the construction of the sidewalk; see detail CST ST-1.  Fees, bonds and insurance are required.  The fee is calculated to be 4% of the cost of the work to be done with a $60 minimum.  If the homeowner is obtaining the permit then a bond or security of $500 is required.  If a contractor is obtaining the permit then a bond of $1000 is required.  Insurance must also be presented to our Risk Management department.
Is soliciting allowed in the City of Roseville?
Soliciting is allowed, however, there are restrictions.  People are required to have a City of Roseville business license, and to register with the Police Department before conducting door-to-door soliciting. 

If you don't want solicitors at your property, you can display a "no soliciting" sign.  Solicitors are required to respect this sign and refrain from knocking on your door.

Religious and charitable groups are exempt from the requirement to register with the Police Department, but are required to respect the "no soliciting" sign.

People can still leave flyers or advertisements on your property, whether or not you have a sign posted.  Higher courts have ruled that the leaving of flyers or leaflets is commercial free speech protected under the constitution, so cities and other government entities can't make laws prohibiting such activity.

View the Municipal Code ordinance on soliciting
What are submittal requirements for improvement plans, landscape plans, grading plans, stock pile plans, etc.?
Our Development Application lists all of the requirements for an initial plan submittal.
What is the address of a subdivision/commercial project?
This information can be obtained by calling our office at 916-774-5339.
Who is responsible for maintaining the landscaping strip between the sidewalk and curb in front of my house?
The property owner is responsible for all maintenance of this landscaping.  There are a few areas in the City in which the City maintains only the trees for pruning and health problems, but the property owner is still responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of the trees.
Who is responsible for sidewalk repairs in front of my home?
The property owner is responsible for sidewalk repairs.  From time to time the City does sidewalk repairs through an annual sidewalk, curb and gutter repair program.  To determine if your home will be part of a future program, contact our City Projects Section at 916-746-1300.
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