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Are there any adult sports leagues in Roseville?
The City of Roseville operates leagues for both men and women in a variety of sports. Check out our adult sports pages on the website for more information.
Are there any dog parks in the City of Roseville?
There are two dog parks and two dog runs in Roseville:

Please remember to pick up after your dog as a courtesy to other dog owners.
Does Roseville have a senior center?
We offer senior activities at the Maidu Community Center at 1550 Maidu Drive. The center offers a wide variety of classes, trips, activities, special events and services, which are available to anyone 50+. For more information, call the Maidu Senior Desk at 774-5960, Monday through Thursday between 8:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m./Fridays 8:30 to 12:00 noon or visit our website.
Does Roseville have a teen center?
Although the City of Roseville does not have a teen center, we do have plenty of activities to keep teens busy year round.  We offer several recreational programs, including job experience training, summer day camp/trips, TRL, and sports leagues.
Does Roseville have any public pools?
The City of Roseville operates three swimming pools: Johnson Pool, Roseville Aquatics Complex, and Central Park Indoor Pool.  Each pool offers a variety of aquatic programs ranging from instructional swimming, public swim, family nights, fitness programs, competitive aquatic teams and pool rentals. Johnson Pool and Roseville Aquatics Complex are open seasonally and Central Park Indoor Pool is open year round.
Does the City have batting cages?
The City of Roseville owns and operates two batting cages, one at each of our regional parks, Maidu Regional Park and Mahany Regional Park. Helmets are required for the fast pitch cages only and a limited number are available for use at no cost. More information about the batting cages is available at
Does the city have facilities available to rent for special occasions?
The City of Roseville’s offers many facilities for your social and business events. Maidu Community Center, Martha Riley Community Library, Central Park Indoor Pool, and Roseville Sports Center  as well as many of our parks offer unique opportunities for your next special event.

Does the City of Roseville have a skate park?
Yes, the skate park is located at Maidu Regional Park, 1550 Maidu Drive. Helmets, kneepads and elbow pads are required. 
1550 Maidu Park Drive

CA 95661
Does the City of Roseville offer summer day camps?
The City of Roseville offers a wide variety of partial and full day summer camp opportunities for children of all ages.  Our fun filled camps encourage kids to meet new friends and stay active all summer. All campers enjoy a safe environment while participating in age appropriate activities.

To read about or register for our summer programs please visit our website or call 774-5505, 774-5950 or 774-5990 for more information.
Does the City offer any fitness programs?
Yes, the City offers a variety of fitness classes from spinning to water fitness which can be found in our seasonal activity guide. The City owns and operates two fitness facilities:
Roseville Sports Center, a full fitness center with weights, cardio equipment, gymnasium, group exercise classes, climbing wall, personal training.
Central Park Indoor Pool, an aquatics facility offering lap swimming, group water fitness classes, land fitness programs, cardio equipment and public swim sessions.
Visit the fitness section of our website for more information.
How can I enroll my child in a youth sports team?
In addition to a limited number of leagues operated by the City of Roseville, we partner will several private youth sports organizations in our area. For more information, please visit the youth sports page on our website. 
How can I get a refund for a Parks & Recreation program?
Full refunds will be given to cancellations received 72 hours prior to the first class, unless otherwise noted in the program description. Failure to attend a program or "no shows" will not be granted a refund. If you are unhappy with the quality of our programs, please call us at (916) 774-5505 and let us know so that we can identify problems and improve for the future.
How can I get financial assistance for my child to participate in Parks & Recreation programs?
In an effort to provide affordable programs, the City has established income eligibility guidelines to assist lower income individuals and families. Please contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 774-5242 for an application for Reduced Program Fees (Youth Program Passport). This program is only open to children of Roseville residents. This application is also available for download below.
How can I obtain a job with the Parks & Recreation Department?
To obtain a job with the city, please fill out an online application. Available jobs and salaries are available on our website.
How can I reserve a picnic area?
Although there are picnic areas at most parks throughout the city, only the following have reservable picnic areas:

  • Royer Park
  • Kaseberg Park
  • Hillsborough Park
  • H.C. Elliott Park
  • Woodbridge Park
  • Mahany Park

The picnic areas can be reserved by visiting our office at 316 Vernon Street. For pricing and availability, call us at (916) 774-5242. Bounce houses are allowed at the above parks only with reservations and insurance.

How can I reserve an athletic field?
Fields are allocated among local youth sports leagues. If you represent a local youth team and would like more information, please contact our office at (916) 774-5242. Space is also available for special event rentals. Please call for field availability or field rental applications.
How can I sign my child up for swim lessons?
Swim lesson registration is open when the Summer seasonal guide is available in March each year. To be electronically notified when the guide is available, you can sign up here.  Enrollment can be done online with a family barcode and pin number, by mail or by calling any of our registration sites listed below.

Roseville Sports Center: (916) 774-5990
Adventure Club/Administrative Offices: (916) 774-5505, 774-5990 or
Maidu Community Center: (916) 774-5950
How do I get on the mailing list for the Parks & Recreation guide?
To place your family on the mailing list to receive Parks and Recreation activity guides, please call one of our registration offices at 774-5505, 774-5950 or 774-5990 and a customer service representative will assist you in setting up an account. Remember to ask for your family PIN and barcode numbers so you can register for programs online.

Our activity guides can also be viewed online.
How do I sign my child up for preschool in the City of Roseville?
The City of Roseville offers preschool at several locations. Our teachers are trained in early childhood development and are dedicated to introducing children to the joys of play, learning and social interaction in a safe and positive environment.

Children entering pre-school must be three years old and fully potty trained prior to the first day of class in order to be eligible for registration.  For more information and to download the registration form, please visit our website or call 774-5505 for more registration information.
How do you decide what order parks are built in? 
City of Roseville parks are built in two ways.  City-built parks are built based on residential absorption, or the rate at which the homes are selling. Each home purchase contributes to the neighborhood park fund for that area. Once the fund has collected enough money to build the park, the City begins planning the park.

Another factor that is considered is the ability to maintain the park once it is built.  In some areas within the City, a Community Services District (CFD) for service is in place to finance park maintenance.  Assessments to fund park maintenance begin only after the park is built.  Residential absorption again is a factor because there needs to be sufficient contributions to cover the maintenance obligations.

The second method of building a park is called “turn-key”. In this case, the developer for a particular neighborhood builds the park upfront on behalf of the City before homes are sold.  Because this is a large up-front expense by the developer, not all developers choose this option.
How often are restrooms in the parks cleaned?
Permanent restrooms are cleaned every day.
How often are the parks and facilities inspected?
Parks and playground equipment are inspected daily.
How often is the grass mowed in the parks?
Grass or turf is mowed once a week in the majority of our parks.  It is mowed twice each week at the Maidu Community Center and Mahany Sports Complex.
I’m looking for after-school programs for my kids.
The City of Roseville’s Adventure Club program offers fun-filled after school programs for school-aged kids. Roseville's Adventure Clubs are state-licensed childcare facilities operated at various elementary schools throughout Roseville.  This program includes arts and crafts, dramatic play, games, sports, homework time and much more.  Subsidized care is available; please call 774-5505 or visit the Adventure Club webpage for more information.
Is alcohol allowed in the parks?
Consumption of alcohol is prohibited in most parks, with the exception of Royer and Woodbridge parks when a permit and a reservation is obtained. The City’s Municipal Code (Section 8.02.280) states that no person shall consume any alcoholic beverage in any park. Violation of this section may be charged as either an infraction or misdemeanor in the discretion of the City Attorney.  “Designated areas” are park areas proposed by the Director, reviewed by the Parks and Recreation Commission, approved by the City Council and posted for alcohol consumption.
Is there an indoor soccer arena in the City?
Yes, the City of Roseville operates an all-weather soccer arena at Maidu Regional Park. The drop in fee is $4 when the facility is not being used for team games or practices. No metal spikes or cleats are allowed.  Tennis shoes are preferred.

Please call (916) 774-5950 for available drop-in times or for more information about renting the facility.
What are the standards for park construction in Roseville?
The Parks Construction Standards are a compilation of standard details, specifications and legal requirements mandatory for all public park and landscape construction within the City of Roseville. They are updated every two years and are usually adopted during the month of July.  Once the new standards are adopted by the City Council, all previous versions of the standards are rendered obsolete.
What is my family pin # and bar code?
Your family pin and barcode numbers allow you secure access to WebReg, our online registration program. To obtain your family pin and barcode please call any of our Parks & Recreation offices (774-5990, 774-5505 or 774-5950).

What is the Maidu Museum & Historic Site?
The Maidu Museum is an Indian Museum and Nature Learning Center in the northeast corner of Maidu Regional Park. The Museum ‘interprets’ the Maidu Historic Site, an ancient Indian village site that features petroglyphs (rock art), bedrock mortars and other aspects of an archaeological site, as well as the natural history of the region. The Maidu Historic Site is on the National Register of Historic Places (1973). Visit the Maidu Museum web pages for more information.
When are the parks irrigated?
Irrigation can run from 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m., although the duration of each irrigation varies with season and weather conditions.
Where can I find activities for seniors?
A wide variety of programs and services are available at the Maidu Community Center. To obtain a bi-monthly newsletter, call or visit the Senior Desk.  You can also download the current newsletter by visiting the senior pages on our website.
Where can I find childcare or daycare providers in the City of Roseville?
The City of Roseville offers before and after school child care for school-aged children at elementary school sites. Check out our website for more information or call us at (916) 774-5505. For more options on childcare or daycare providers within the City of Roseville, please call the Placer County Office of Education (PCOE) at 530-745-1380.
Where can I get a flu shot?
Flu shots are given during the months of October through December at various locations throughout Placer County. For Flu Shot Clinics at the Maidu Community Center, call the Senior Desk at (916) 774-5960. For other locations throughout Placer County, call the Placer County Flu Shot Hotline at (530) 889-7161.
Where can I get adult sports information?
The adult sports office located at the Maidu Community Center, 1550 Maidu Drive. For personal assistance in detailed inquiries, visit the adult sports staff between 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday, or call (916) 774-5950. In addition, the Roseville Sports Center keeps updated program guides and team rosters in stock.
1550 Maidu Drive

CA 95661
Phone: (916) 774-5950
Where can I get my taxes done for free?
From February 1st through April 15th, the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) provides free tax assistance for low to middle income adults, regardless of age. To find the location nearest to you, call the Maidu Center's Senior Desk at 916-774-5960.
Where can I play tennis in Roseville?
The following parks in Roseville have tennis courts:   (# of courts)

Tennis courts are first-come first-serve, unless there is a scheduled event or lesson taking place at the facility.  Check our current activity guides for tennis lessons and clinics.

Where can I purchase a current version of the Parks Construction Standards?
The Parks Construction Standards are sold at 316 Vernon Street.  The cost is $35 if picked up and $45 if mailed.  If you would like to have a copy mailed, please call 774-5505 to place an order.
Which payment methods are accepted by Parks & Recreation?
The Parks and Recreation Department accepts cash, check, money orders, Visa and MasterCard. If you prefer to register via the Internet or by phone, we accept Visa or MasterCard. 
Which trees are maintained by the City?
The city maintains trees located in parks, open spaces, green belts and in landscaped easements, which are located adjacent to residential subdivisions and trees between the curb and sidewalk in the following neighborhoods: Sierra Vista, Thieles, Los Cerritos, Roseville Heights and Cherry Glen.
Who can I call to report illegal dumping on a future park site or open space area?
If you see any illegal dumping occurring on a future park site or open space area, please call 774-5748 to report the activity.  It is extremely helpful to also have the license plate number or name and phone number of the persons involved.
Who decides what play equipment is installed in new parks?
The park development staff works with several manufacturers to select the play equipment.  Input is also obtained during the park planning process through discussions at public workshops.
Why are dogs prohibited in Roseville’s parks?
Roseville’s Municipal Code (Section 8.02.240) states that it is unlawful for any person to bring, have, allow, suffer, or free any animal within the perimeter of any City park or golf course, including but not limited to, any dog, cat, horse, fowl, bovine or other domestic animal, or any reptile or other wild animal. This section does not apply to programs authorized or conducted by the City or to the proper use of a guide dog or assistance animal. However, the City currently runs three one dog parks in Roseville.
Why do City of Roseville residents get a discount on registration fees?
City of Roseville residents pay a discounted registration fee because tax dollars paid by residents support a portion of the programs offered by the Parks & Recreation Department.
Why do some parks have restrooms and some don’t?
Restrooms are very expensive to construct and maintain.  Small neighborhood parks generally do not have restrooms because they serve those within walking distance of the parks themselves.
Why does it take two years to build a park?
The City of Roseville prides itself on being able to build high quality parks.  This takes careful planning.  When the City is building the park, we take into consideration the needs of the neighbors who will use the park. The first year consists of a series of public workshops, Commission and Council approvals, environmental clearance and development of construction documents.  The second year consists of plan approvals, public bids, contract awards, construction and plant/grass establishment.
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