What is renewable energy?
Renewable energy is electricity that is produced from sources that replenish themselves naturally. This includes wind, sunlight (solar), landfill and agricultural waste (biomass), the heat of the earth (geothermal), and small hydro-electric facilities. Renewable energy does not include energy derived from fossil fuels or waste products from fossil sources.
What is the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)?
The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) (Pub. Res. Code 21000 et seq.) is a state law that requires environmental analysis for projects subject to City approval to determine if it will have a significant environmental impact.

CEQA applies to "projects" proposed to be undertaken or requiring approval by State and local government agencies.  "Projects" are activities that require discretionary City approval and have the potential to result in a significant impact.

The basic steps of the environmental review process are:

  1. Determine if the activity is a "project" subject to CEQA.
  2. Perform an Initial Study to identify the environmental impacts of the project and determine whether the identified impacts are "significant".
  3. Determine if the project is exempt from CEQA.
  4. Based on the findings of the Initial Study, the lead agency makes the following findings or prepares one of the following environmental documents:
    • Find that although the proposed project could have a significant effect on the environment, there will not be a significant effect in this case because all potentially significant effects:
      • Have been analyzed adequately in an earlier EIR pursuant to applicable studies; and
      • Have been avoided or mitigated pursuant to an earlier EIR including revisions or mitigation measures that are imposed upon the proposed project.
    • Prepare an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) if there is substantial evidence that significant impacts may occur.
    • Prepare a Negative Declaration (Neg Dec) if there is no evidence that the proposed project would have significant effect on the environment.
    • Prepare a Mitigated Negative Declaration if there is evidence that significant effects might occur but the project proponent can modify the project to eliminate the effects, or reduce them to a level of insignificance.
What is a CEQA Exemption?
CEQA exempts certain types of projects from its requirements.  These exemptions are listed in the State Law, the State CEQA Guidelines, and the City's CEQA Implementing Procedures.
What are Mitigation Measures?
Mitigation Measures are actions intended to eliminate or reduce the significant environmental effects of a project as identified in a CEQA document.

Mitigation when used in the context of CEQA includes:
  1. Avoiding the impact altogether by not taking a certain action or parts of an action.
  2. Minimizing impacts by limiting the degree or magnitude of the action and its implementation.
  3. Rectifying the impact by repairing, rehabilitating, or restoring the impacted environment.
  4. Reducing or eliminating the impact over time by preservation and maintenance operations during the life of the action.
  5. Compensating for the impact by replacing or providing substitute resources or environments.
What is an Initial Study?
An Initial Study is a checklist that assesses whether a project may have a significant impact on the environment.  This helps determine whether an environmental impact report or a negative declaration should be prepared.
What is a Negative Declaration (Neg Dec)?
A Negative Declaration is a written statement by the lead agency briefly describing why a proposed project will not have a significant effect on the environment and thus does not require the preparation of an EIR.
What is a Mitigated Negative Declaration?
A Mitigated Negative Declaration is a type of negative declaration prepared when an Initial Study identifies the potentially significant environmental impacts of a project, but also identifies mitigation measures that would reduce the impacts to a negligible level.
What is an Environmental Impact Report (EIR)?
An EIR provides the general public, state and local agencies with detailed information on the potentially significant environmental effects of a proposed project and lists ways to minimize significant environmental effects, including an analysis of alternatives to the project.

What are the advantages of groundwater management plans (GMPs)?

 Groundwater management plans are prepared to establish principles for mutual cooperation between participants to guide the sustainable, individual use of the shared groundwater basin. A GMP can:

• Provide tools for water managers to maintain safe and reliable groundwater resources
• Establish baseline groundwater quality conditions for plan area
• Establish a groundwater monitoring program
• Align policy objectives and actions when multiple agencies are involved
• Fulfill requirements for pursuing regional grant funding opportunities
• Enable data sharing among adjacent cities/purveyors and communities
• Incorporate water user, well owner, and other community interests and objectives into water supply management activities

What are the components of a GMP?

Signed in September 2002, Senate Bill 1938 amended local groundwater management laws to add technical requirements for GMPs and provide guidance on GMP preparation. The amendment stipulated that:

• A GMP contains an inventory of water supplies and describes water uses within a given region.
• A GMP establishes groundwater Basin Management Objectives (BMOs) that are designed to protect and enhance the groundwater basin.
• A GMP identifies monitoring and management programs that ensure the BMOs are being met.
• A GMP outlines a stakeholder involvement and public information plan for the groundwater basin.

All GMPs are broken into four distinct elements: Basin Goal, Basin Management Objectives, Plan Components and Management Actions. Each is a successive yet interrelated step that guides preservation of groundwater resources in the region.

What area does the WPCGMP cover?

The new WPCGMP is within an area the California Department of Water Resources recognizes as the North American River Groundwater Sub-Basin. The Sub-Basin is roughly bounded by the American River to the south, the Sierra Nevada foothills to the east, the Bear River to the north and the Sacramento River to the west. The WPCGMP area includes the Sub-Basin's eastern edge, Sacramento County to the south, the western edge of Placer County Water Agency's service area, and Bear River to the north. It includes the City of Roseville and portions of the cities of Lincoln and Rocklin. 

What is the history of GMPs in Western Placer County?

• 1996 PCWA Issues Notice of Intent
• 1998 PCWA/Roseville adopts AB 3030 compliant WPCGMP
• 2003 PCWA updated Western Placer County GMP to achieve SB 1938 compliance
• 2007 WPCGMP adopted by partner agencies

Other GMP activities

• 2003 City of Lincoln adopts a SB 1938 compliant GMP

What is the Western Placer County Groundwater Management Plan?

 The Western Placer County Groundwater Management Plan (WPCGMP) is a collaborative effort by local water purveyors to aid in maintaining a high-quality, reliable groundwater supply. The plan is intended to be a "living document" that can be readily updated and refined over time to reflect improved understanding of the groundwater basin as well as progress made in achieving the plan’s goals and objectives.

The over-arching goal of the plan is to maintain groundwater quality and ensure its long-term availability to meet backup, emergency, and peak demands without adversely affecting other groundwater uses within the western Placer County area.

6. Interconnection Requirements
In addition to the permit, all solar systems that are installed to offset energy use in your home or business are “grid-tied” and must receive a utility signed Roseville Electric Solar Energy Program Interconnection Approval before the system may be turned on. The contractor usually takes care of this for you, too. This is the second of the two approvals that are required before you obtain Permission to Operate.  For additional information see the Residential PV Packet.
Are there currently any job openings at the Library?

Check the City of Roseville jobs page under Human Resources for the most current list of positions.

You may also apply to volunteer at the library here.  We are always looking for talented and motivated volunteers.
Can I contact Information Technology for information about the City of Roseville?
While the name Information Technology sounds like 4-1-1, we actually do not provide information assistance. We provide technology support and solutions to City of Roseville departments and employees.
Can I donate materials to the library?

All material donations are handled through the Friends of the Roseville Public Library.  There are donation bins at each library location.

If you are interested in making a monetary donation to the Roseville Public LIbrary, please visit our "Support your library" page.
Can I fish in the open space?
There are two major watersheds that run through Roseville’s open space. According to the California Department of Fish and Game, in the Pleasant Grove watershed, located in the northwest part of Roseville, fishing is allowed all year with a bag limit of 5. In the Dry Creek watershed (including Secret Ravine, Miners Ravine, Cirby Creek, Linda Creek, Strap Ravine, Antelope Creek, and False Ravine), fishing is allowed from the fourth Saturday in May until October 14 with a bag limit of 2 salmon and no trout.

Remember, any person who is 16 years of age or older must possess a sport fishing license when taking any fish, shell fish, reptile, or amphibian in California. However, the Department of Fish and Game offers two Free Fishing Days each year. On these days, you can fish without a sport fishing license.

For 2008, California's Free Fishing Days are June 7th and September 27th.

Can I participate without a reservation?
No – based on the design of this program, your reservation is issued upon receipt of sizing documentation. This sizing documentation will identify proper sizing and qualification for participation in the rebate program.
Can I pay library fines online?
Yes, you can pay your library fines and fees online.  Please click here for more information and to complete your payment.
Can I send someone else to pick up my holds for me?
Yes.  He or she must have your card to check out.
Can I submit my rebate application before receiving the final permit?
No – a system installation must receive a final permit prior to applying for a rebate payment. Rebate payment applications (form B) that do not include a final permit will be rejected.
Can the City Attorney’s Office represent me in my private legal matter (divorce, child support, drafting wills or trusts, personal injury actions, etc)?

No. The City Attorney’s Office only represents the City of Roseville, as an entity.

Do I need to be present for the installation?
No. All the technician needs is access to your outdoor A/C unit and your electric circuit box. You may, however, request to have the installation performed when you are at home.
Do you have tax forms?

The library offers basic Federal and State of California tax forms for the current filing year as they become available from the IRS and State of California.

We can help you locate the forms you need online and are able to print them at each library at $0.20/pg in black and white. 

You may also visit our subject guide for much more information and helpful websites.
Does an HVAC contractor need to be a listed participating contractor?
Yes – This is a contractor incentive program. The rebate will be paid to the contractor. Participating contractors must have attended a HVAC Right-Size workshop and agree to adhere to our Code of Conduct.
Does Roseville Electric repair streetlights?
Roseville Electric repairs streetlights. If a streetlight is malfunctioning, contact Roseville Electric. In order to provide better street lighting, Roseville Electric has an on-going streetlight retrofitting program.
Phone: 79-POWER
Does Roseville Electric trim trees above power lines?
Roseville Electric will trim trees when it is determined to present a problem. To request an inspection, contact Roseville Electric. This service is offered at no cost.
Phone: 79-POWER
Does that mean my home will get hot?
No. Typically you can expect a 1 to 3 degree increase in room temperature during a cycling period. Most customers will not notice that cycling is occurring.
Does the City of Roseville administer the court system for Placer County?
No. Placer County administers the court system and may be reached at (916) 408-6000.
Does the Information Technology Department provide technical support to residents or businesses?
Unfortunately, no. The Information Technology Department provides technology support and solutions for internal City of Roseville departments only.
Does the library have free WiFi or free computers the public can use?
Yes, the library offers free WiFi at all three locations.  You will be prompted to log in when you open your internet browser.  Enter your email address  and then agree to our Computer and Internet Use policy to proceed. 

The library has public computers with Internet access, word processing, and spreadsheet/ presentation software for adults and children at both locations.  Reservations are available, and must be made in person.  Use is free.   Printing charges are: black & white $0.20/page and color $0.50/page.
Does the library have meeting rooms for rent to the public?

Yes, the library does rent meeting rooms to the public.  Look at the Room Rentals page for more information.
Doesn’t Roseville Electric have to purchase the renewable power to meet State of California guidelines? So why should I pay more when you have to buy it anyway?
As a municipal utility, Roseville Electric is not mandated to purchase renewable energy to comply with legislation until 2020. Green Roseville is a voluntary program made available to those who wish to support renewable energy.
During a power outage, how do I protect my appliances?
During an outage, turn off all major appliances such as washers and dryers. Unplug all sensitive electronic equipment such as television sets, VCRs, microwaves and computers. This reduces the electrical demand when power is restored and reduces the chance of damage caused by electrical surges. To know when the power has been restored, leave a few light switches on.
How and where do I get a City Council meeting video?
You can watch current and past Council meetings on our website, via streaming video, or check out a DVD from the Downtown Library located at 225 Taylor Street.
Many of the city commission meetings (such as the Public Utilities Commission or Planning Commission) are available as well.  For any questions please contact the Communications Division at 774-5357.
225 Taylor Street

CA 95678
Phone: 916.774.5221
How can I appeal my City of Roseville administrative citation?
To appeal an administrative citation issued by the City of Roseville, you must submit a Request for Hearing appeal form to the City Attorney's Office. Forms may be picked up at the City Attorney’s Office at 311 Vernon Street or may be found on the City's website at . You may also call the City Attorney's Office at (916) 774-5325 to have a form mailed to you.  Forms must be received within 30 days of the date of your citation letter.
How can I get involved in the plan implementation process?
From fall 2008 through the first half of 2009, plan partner staff will conduct workshops and presentations before their boards of directors, local governments, and other organizations such as the City of Roseville Public Utilities Commission. A preliminary schedule available under “Implementation Activities” will be updated as partners determine the actual presentation dates. To request more information regarding board/council presentations or other implementation activities, please send an email to
How can I get a Roseville Public Library card and who is eligible?
A Roseville Public Library card is free to any California resident with appropriate ID. You do not need to be a Roseville resident to obtain a library card. A Roseville Public Library (RPL) card is required if you wish to use public computers or borrow any materials from the library. Click here for more information and for an application you can print and bring to the library with you.

To apply, visit any of our three locations. Bring a valid photo ID and proof of current address. A current California driver’s license, passport, student, State or military ID is suitable. If the address on your license is not correct, bring a current utility bill, pre-printed checks, DMV update card, rental agreement or credit card bill. Parents or legal guardians may apply for separate individual cards for children under 18 years of age, and must be present to sign their applications and show parent/guardian’s valid photo ID and proof of address. Cards are issued and may be used immediately.
How can I obtain my 12 months of energy usage for the solar contractor?
Business customers – contact Roseville Electric at 79-POWER for a billing history report.

Residential customers - go to the “Residential Solar Rebates” page and click on the “Home Energy Analyzer” link under the Interconnection Application bullet point. Enter your account number (including the dash, XXXXXX-XXXXX) and click ‘Submit.’ Under the “My Personal Energy Use” tab you will find a graph with the last 12 months of usage. Print this report; it is required to be submitted with your solar system application.
How did Roseville get its name?
According to the book From Trail to Rail! by local historian, Leonard "Duke" Davis, the following explanations have been found for the naming of Roseville:

"There are several versions of the manner in which Roseville acquired its name. One states that the town was named for nearby Rose Springs or the ranch of the same name.

A second, but completely inaccurate, story that has been frequently accepted in recent years maintains the appellation was conferred in honor of Rose Maberry, who supposedly was born on the site of Roseville.

Still another version claims that the name was due to a dispute of railroad men over the charms of a pretty waitress called Rose.

A fourth account was suggested by Walter F. Fiddyment, a pioneer of 1856. According to Fiddyment, who admittedly was not present when the name was conferred, when it became apparent that a town would develop at the Junction, the people of the immediate area got together at a picnic to select a more euphonious sounding name than Junction. After discussing the matter at some length, it was decided to name the town after the most beautiful girl present, a girl named Rose.

The most acceptable explanation, however, seems to be the one offered by Mrs. Cassie Tomer Hill, one of the town's earliest residents. According to Mrs. Hill, the name was conferred because of the many wild roses which grew profusely in ravines in and around town. Support for this version may be found in early newspaper comments which refer to the preponderance of wild flowers in the vicinity of Roseville."

How do I access my account to see what materials I have checked out, renew my materials, place holds, or update my information?
Access your account here.  Enter your username or library card number and password.  Your password may be the last six numbers of your library card or your four-digit PIN created prior to January 1, 2013.

Click on the tabs on the left side of the screen to see a summary of the materials you have checked out, update your personal information, and view your reading history.  You can also change your password by clicking the "change my password" tab.

You can renew materials from the summary tab in your account or by calling us at (916) 774-5221, Monday - Friday during open library hours.  There are up to four renewals allowed on most items if no one else is on the waiting list.
How do I apply for a Board/Commission/Committee vacancy?
 To apply for a board/commission/committee vacancy click here
How do I contact the Public Affairs & Communications Department?
You can reach the Public Affairs & Communications Department at (916)774-5378 or by e-mail at
311 Vernon St.

CA 95678
Phone: 916.774.5378
Fax: 916.774.5485
How do I find the Government Access Channel on my TV?
Roseville's Government Access Channel is shown on Channel 14 on Comcast cable and Channel 73 on Sure West cable.  Roseville's Government Access Channel is not broadcast on Direct TV or Dish Network.

Roseville's Government Access Channel is streamed live on the City's web site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Phone: 916.774.5357
How do I join the Friends of the Roseville Library?
Please visit each organization's website for more information to join their groups.

Friends of the Roseville Public Library
How do I know if the system is producing?
The inverter’s LED screen shows production data, or in some systems monitoring is seen on an indoor display or online. Ask your solar contractor what systems and options are available for energy production monitoring, and if there are any costs involved. And don’t forget to routinely monitor the energy produced by your solar electric system after the system is installed!
How does Roseville Transit Dial-A-Ride differ from Roseville Transit Fixed Route?
Roseville Transit Dial-A-Ride (DAR) is a shared ride, curb-to-curb public transit service that picks up passengers and takes them to destinations within Roseville. While DAR is available to the general public, it is mainly used by seniors and the disabled who have difficulty using the fixed route service. DAR rides must be arranged at least a day in advance, and passengers should note that there is a 30-minute pickup window.

Roseville Transit Fixed Route is a public transit service comprised of 12 routes throughout Roseville. Roseville Transit Fixed Route buses stop at designated points along their route at specific times throughout the day.

How does the annual bill credit work?
You will receive a $10 bill credit when the device is installed, as well as a summer time bill credit of an additional $10 which you will receive every summer you participate. This equates to $20 your first summer and $10 every summer that follows. Receipt of your initial bill credit enrolls you in the program for a minimum of one calendar year from time of enrollment.
How does the Power Partners device work?
On selected days, a signal is sent to activate the device, which then cycles your A/C compressor off and on again. The common schedule will be to cycle off for 10 – 15 minutes every half hour, not to exceed 30 minutes an hour for the set cycling period.
How many passengers ride Roseville Transit?
Roseville Transit provides Local, Commuter and Dial-A-Ride bus service to more than 400,000 passengers a year. 
How much are overdue fines? What are your policies for lost or damaged items? How many items can I check out?
Please visit our policies page for details about overdue fines and other circulation policies. 

Your are responsible for every item you check out.  If you have lost an item, you will be charged a replacement cost.  Please contact us for the cost and payment procedure.

If an item can no longer be circulated due to damage, you will be charged for the item. You will not be held responsible for normal wear and tear.
You may check out up to 50 items, including 12 DVD's, 24 audiobooks and CD's and one eTool per card.
How much energy does a compact fluorescent light bulb save?
Compact fluorescent lights save you approximately 75 percent of the energy and last 10 times longer than a comparable incandescent light bulb.
How often will Power Partners devices be activated?
The devices may be activated on critical, hot summer days. Cycling may occur any day of the week from May through September.
How will the partners implement the WPCGMP?
The partner agencies designated the City of Roseville to lead plan implementation. In order to realize the goals of the WPCGMP, the partner agencies will work together on preparing plan progress reports, facilitating stakeholder involvement, and preparing a monitoring plan for groundwater resource protection. The California Department of Water Resources recently awarded partners an AB 303 Local Groundwater Assistance Act grant, which will also help fund plan implementation. Led by the City of Roseville, partners will use this money to construct three new wells to be used for monitoring groundwater health. A preliminary AB 303 implementation schedule is available HERE.
I don't believe my meter was read correctly. Can arrangements be made to have the meter re-read?
Yes. Call (916) 774-5300 or e-mail to request a re-read of your meter.
I want to ride the bus but I don’t know how. Can you help?
"What bus do I take...?" "What's the best way to...?" "How do I get from here to there...?"

Call Roseville Transit's Customer Service Line at (916) 774-5757 seven days a week between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. for general information or to obtain personalized trip planning assistance (please have a pen and paper ready when calling). Our Customer Service Representatives are always happy to help.

Phone: (916) 774-5757
I was part of the previous air conditioning cycling program and I currently have a switch installed on my air conditioner. Will you remove the old device before installing the new switch?
Yes. Our technicians will remove the old device and install the new load control device.
If you don't have the book I want, can you get it for me?

Our Interlibrary Loan Service, also known as I.L.L., is available for hard-to-locate items, long distance loans, or if you are unable to travel to a neighboring library.  There is no charge to request an ILL, however postage fees up to $5.00 may apply.  ILL's can take several weeks to be received.  If you are in a hurry, neighboring libraries in Placer or Sacramento County may have the item that you would like to borrow directly, however they will require you to get a library card in their system.
Is Roseville Electric Certifying Contractors?
No – Certification is not required, however contractors must be listed as a “Participating” contractor to receive a rebate. Participating contractors must have attended a HVAC Right-Size workshop and agree to adhere to our Code of Conduct.
Is there an ordinance that prohibits placing information flyers on parked cars or property?
There is no ordinance in Roseville that prohibits placing flyers on parked cars. Higher court decisions have determined that distributing flyers, whether on parked cars or at people's doorsteps, is a form of free speech, and the government cannot prohibit it.

However, private property owners can prohibit the distribution of flyers on their property (if they own and have authority over their own parking lot--if they share a parking lot in a retail center, it is more complicated.) If the private property is posted with a sign (like "no distribution of literature" or something similar), then people distributing literature could be cited for trespassing.
May I build a Granny Flat on my property?
In many cases, a second dwelling unit can be built on a residential property.  A Second Dwelling Unit Clearance Form is required. 

Requests for second dwelling units that comply with the standards identified in City’s Zoning Ordinance Section 19.60.040 are permitted residential uses.

Requests for second dwelling units are reviewed for compliance with the Second Dwelling Unit standards listed on the Second Dwelling Unit Clearance Form by the Planning & Redevelopment Department.

Following receipt of clearance authorization from the Planning & Redevelopment Department, a request for a second dwelling unit Building Permit can be submitted to the Building Division.

Building Permit requests are reviewed by several City Departments to determine conformance with the Zoning Ordinance, Construction and Improvement Standards, and Building Code requirements. A Building Permit is required for all second dwelling units and processing time is dependent upon the residential plan check process.

Contact the Planning Department at 916-774-5279 for additional information.





My company would like to sell the City of Roseville technology solutions, who do I contact?
All open requests for proposals are available on the Purchasing and Bid Information page.
Placer County Fairgrounds
The Placer County Fairgrounds is located adjacent to Washington Boulevard north of Old Town Roseville. The property is under the jurisdiction of the County of Placer. For further information, please call the Fair office at 916-786-2023 or visit their website at
Should I be concerned with overhead power lines?
In recent years concerns have been raised about the possible health effects of electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) from appliances, home wiring, and power lines. Numerous studies on this subject have been done throughout the world with results that are often hard to interpret and sometimes conflicting. While no one has proven that exposure to EMFs is harmful, many questions remain about how these fields, especially magnetic fields, might affect the human bodies.

By calling 79-POWER or e-mailing, you may request a free copy of "Your Guide to Understanding EMF" or request an on-site EMF measurement.

There's a pot hole in my street.  Who do I contact?
Contact the Street Maintenance Division of Public Works at (916) 774-5790.
What do I do if the creek bank is eroding?
The City will only repair erosion to creek banks where public facilities may be threatened by that erosion, such a public roadway, a city-installed flood control wall, or a city-owned utility line. If a property owner wishes to take action to restore a creek bank where erosion threatens their privately owned improvements, the property owner would first need to obtain the appropriate agency permits and can either do the work themselves or hire a contractor.
What does the Information Technology (IT) department do?
The Information Technology (IT) Department provides technology support and solutions for City of Roseville departments and employees.
What happens if I produce more energy than I use?
The majority of solar electric systems in the City of Roseville are too small to generate a significant amount of electricity to offset the total amount of electricity used during that same 12-month time period. Most solar electric customers will not have a credit at the end of the 12 months.

If a residential customer or small business customer with a maximum yearly demand of 10kW or less has a solar electric system that produces more energy than is used during the 12 month billing cycle, the customer will be sent a check for the surplus electricity produced. The compensation rate is paid for each kWh over produced at the rate published in section 14.24.051 the municipal code

Business customers with 10kW or larger maximum yearly demand are not eligible for surplus energy production payments.
What if I cannot get the duct leakage under 15%?
Systems with more than 15% duct leakage may still qualify for our HVAC 400 Rebate Program but will not qualify for a Right-Size rebate.
What is Green Roseville?

Green Roseville is a voluntary program from Roseville Electric that allows you to demonstrate your support for renewable energy. Your voluntary participation will help Roseville Electric purchase renewable energy you use in your home or business from regional renewable energy sources. Your participation is based on your energy use.

To recognize your contribution, Roseville Electric waives the Environmental Compliance charge for those customers who participate in Green Roseville at the 100% level.

What is my username and password?
Your username is your library barcode number, unless you chose a special username when you created your account. If you would like to create a unique username, come into any library branch with photo ID.

The library no longer has access to view your password. Returning customers 4-digit PIN will remain your password until you change it by logging into our system at The library can reset your password to the last 6 digits of your library barcode number. We encourage you to update your password to ensure your privacy. Call us at (916) 774-5221 or come into your local Roseville Library branch to have your password reset.

What is the Power Partners device?
The Power Partners device is a 9 1/2” x 7” wireless box mounted near your outdoor central air conditioning unit. The device operates with central air conditioning systems and is not designed for room A/C units or small space units.
What number should I call to report a broken light?
What should I do if I think there is a problem with my air conditioner?
If your house isn't as cool as you think it should be, and you think it may be related to your power partners device, you can call 79-POWER to see if the device has been cycling. The power partners devices are used very infrequently, so chances are the problem is related to the air conditioner itself. Please contact your HVAC technician to troubleshoot the problem. It is extremely rare that the power partners device causes any problems with the air conditioner. 
What types of citations are processed by the City Attorney’s Office?
The City Attorney’s Office handles all administrative citations issued for infractions of the Roseville Municipal Code.  Citations issued for misdemeanor violations of the Roseville Municipal Code are sent to the courts (Placer County).
What types of energy conservation rebates are offered by Roseville Electric for residents?
See our residential rebates page.
What types of homes are eligible for the rebate?
Only single-family homes are eligible. Duplex, four-plex, condos, townhomes and mobile homes are not eligible.
What’s the catch?
There is no catch. There is no cost for participating in the Power Partners Program. Power Partners is a voluntary program to help Roseville Electric manage energy demand so we can keep your rates low and your lights on.
When and where are your storytimes for children?

We offer regular storytimes for toddlers and preschoolers. Please check our Tot Programs for dates and times. If you are interested in storytimes and events for school age children, please check our Youth Programs
When is City Hall open?
Monday - Thursday: 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Friday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Closed Saturday and Sunday.
When will the device be installed?
Generally, the devices are installed within two weeks of signing up. A typical residential installation takes about 30 minutes.
Where can I find the City Council Agenda/Packet?
You may view the current City Council agenda and all staff reports at the City Clerk Department reception area, or the electronic version here.  Individuals without access to a computer can visit one of the City's libraries:
  • Martha Riley Community Library at 1501 Pleasant Grove Blvd. in Roseville
  • Roseville Main Library located at 225 Taylor Street in Roseville
  • Maidu Branch Library located at 1530 Maidu Drive in Roseville
Where can I have a document notarized?

The Roseville City Clerk Department offers notary services during business hours.

Business hours are M-F, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Cost: $10.00 per signature notarized

Notarization Requirements:

1) The signer must personally appear.

2) A valid, picture I.D. is required. Picture I.D. can consist of a driver's license, a state non-driver's ID, or a current passport. If you do not have a valid, picture I.D., you must bring either a) one credible witness known to the notary and the signer (who has picture I.D.) or b) two credible witnesses unknown to the notary and known to the signer (who have picture I.D.).

3) The document must be completely filled out with no blanks other than the signature line (this will be signed in the presence of the notary). The signer must understand the document that he/she is signing.

4) The notary is unable to prepare or complete documents or give advice as to the legality or correctness of a document. The Notary never chooses the type of certificate (acknowledgment or jurat) a document needs. The signer must let the notary know which certificate is required.

5) Notaries are unable to notarize wills or birth certificates.

Where do I return the materials I checked out?
You can return any materials checked out at the Roseville Public Libraries to any one of our three locations. All three libraries have bookdrop slots for returns 24 hours a day. 
Where is the nearest public law library?
Sparks Law Library of Placer County
1523 Lincoln Way, Auburn, CA
(530) 823-2573

The California Codes are also available at the
Downtown Roseville Public Library
225 Taylor Street
Roseville, CA
(916) 774-5221
and online at
Who do I contact if I find a typo on the website?
Service Desk:
(916) 780-4357
Who does the City Attorney represent?
The City Attorney is the attorney for the City of Roseville, as an entity.  Because of the nature of the City Attorney’s role, we cannot represent or provide legal advice to individual citizens, groups or other entities.  We are therefore unable to respond to individual requests for legal advice or representation.
Who is the City of Roseville's Chief Information Officer?
Hong Sae Chief Information Officer
(916) 774-5151
Who prepared the WPCGMP?
The WPCGMP was a collaborative effort that drew upon previous groundwater management efforts of the plan partners. MWH Americas Inc., a planning and civil engineering firm, assisted in development of the GMP and will assist in plan implementation . Formal WPCGMP partners include:

• City of Roseville - Initial GMP adopted 1998
• Placer County Water Agency - Agency GMP adopted in 1998, updated 2003
• City of Lincoln - Citywide GMP adopted in 2003
• California American Water Company
Who regulates Roseville Electric?
Roseville Electric is regulated by the Roseville City Council. The Roseville Public Utilities Commission meets the fourth Tuesday of every month and can be viewed on Comcast Channel 14 or SureWest Channel 73. The five-member commission serves as an advisory board to the City Council.
Who will install the device?
The Power Partners device will be installed by a qualified third party contractor that has been specially trained to install, repair and remove the device. Devices will be inspected randomly to determine they have been installed and  are functioning properly.
Why was my rebate application rejected?
Rebates will be rejected if the application is incomplete or incorrect. A rebate will be denied if the installed system does not match the specifications identified in the reservation issued. A rebate will be denied if it does not pass inspection by a 3rd Party HERS Rater.
Why was my reservation application rejected?
In most cases, an application will be rejected if it is missing information either on the application form or as supporting documentation. Applications will also be rejected if they are incorrect, or indicate that the proposed system is not properly sized based on our program requirements.
Will I use less energy by being part of the Power Partners Program?
The Power Partner program is designed to reduce the overall demand for electricity in our community during the hottest days of the summer. This program is not designed to reduce energy usage. By reducing the overall demand for electricity by cycling air conditioners off and on for short periods of time, we will be able to help maintain electric system reliability for Roseville residents.
Will Roseville Electric replace broken breaker switches, repair internal electric wiring or service electric appliances?
Roseville Electric does not replace parts or make repairs on customer-owned equipment or wiring.
Will the Power Partners device turn my A/C on if it is off?
No. The device will not turn your A/C on in order to cycle it. It is designed to only work with A/C units that are in operation during system activation.
Are rebates based on the age of the home or on the age of the existing system?
Rebates are based on the age of the home.
What kind of energy do I get with regular service?
Please view our Power Content Label to find out where we get our energy from on a quarterly and annual basis.
Who is eligible for Green Roseville?
Any Roseville Electric customer who lives in a house, apartment, condominium or other dwelling having a separate meter and receiving power from Roseville Electric is eligible. Small commercial and large industrial customers are also eligible for participation.
Will the power to my home be dependent upon the wind blowing?
No. Your power will continue to be uninterrupted even when the wind isn't blowing because you are connected to the regional electricity system. The power that travels through the network of lines and wires that bring electricity to your home or business comes from a variety of sources.
Can I get both rebates?
No. Each project is only eligible for one rebate.
Will the renewable energy go directly into my home?
When renewable power is delivered to the electric grid, it mixes with power from other sources. The actual electricity generated from 'green' sources is not directed to a specific home or business.
Do windmills harm birds and other wildlife?

The wind power purchased for the Green Roseville program comes from a verifiably “green”, regional wind plant with modern wind turbines.

Wind energy technology has changed significantly in the past ten years in an effort to reduce the number of avian and bat deaths caused by wind turbines. New wind farms are built away from migratory paths or mountain ridgelines and are designed to discourage nesting.

Further information about wind farms is available through the American Wind Energy Association:

What if I just completed a project under the old program; am I still eligible for the new rebate?
No, you must have sized and installed under the new program requirements.
Can the rebate payment be redirected to my contractor?
Yes. There is a check box on the application which allows the homeowner to elect where the rebate should go, to themselves or to the contractor.
Can you confirm that 100% of the electricity purchased under the Green Roseville program is from renewable, verifiable, non-fossil fuel resources?
Yes. Prior to this change, we purchased Green-e certified Renewable Energy Certificates (REC’s) for the program to represent the environmental attribute of renewable energy generated from a renewable energy source. The new program design is supporting a power purchase of regionally generated wind energy from a verifiable source.
Can you verify that the program actually increases the ratio of renewable sources in the City's electricity supply portfolio in direct proportion to the amount of renewable energy purchased by Green Roseville participants?
Yes. Our power content label is published quarterly and clearly identifies the percentages and types of power in our mix. Power purchases are long-term and volume based therefore the amount we purchase does not fluctuate with Green Roseville participation. Roseville Electric has reduced the percentage of non-renewable energy in our power mix by increasing the amount of renewable energy through the recent power purchase agreement with a regional wind energy provider. Green Roseville customers help support the purchase of this power through a voluntary contribution.
Does renewable energy cost more?
Yes, your contribution helps cover the premium on the renewable power purchase.
Does Roseville Electric support renewable energy in other ways?

Yes, Roseville Electric offers rebates to customers who purchase and install a solar system for an existing home. The award winning BEST Homes program offers new home developers generous rebates for integrating rooftop solar electric generation technology in new homes.

Roseville Electric and the City of Roseville seek opportunities to install solar electric systems on the rooftops of city and other publicly owned buildings. Existing systems are placed on the rooftops of the Civic Center, the Roseville Aquatics Complex, Silverado Middle School and Fire Station #6.

In addition, Roseville Electric also purchases power from renewable sources such as Hydro electric and Geo Thermal.

How long is my contract for Green Roseville?
You may cancel your voluntary enrollment in Green Roseville at any time with no charge by calling (916) 79-Power.
How much does participation in Green Roseville cost?
For residential and small commercial customers, participating in this program costs only 1.5 cents extra per kilowatt-hour or $15 per megawatt hour for 100 percentage of your energy usage. For the average resident in Roseville who uses approximately 800 kilowatt hours per month, the program is about $12 extra per month.
Can I apply for a rebate on my rental property?
Yes. Single-family detached homes are eligible. Moble or prefab homes do not qualify
How will I be billed for Green Roseville?
Your purchase of renewable energy will appear on your regular utility bill as an additional line item.
How can I find out about volunteer opportunities in the Roseville Area
You can check our website at, which is updated monthly, or you can call the City of Roseville Volunteer Center at (916) 774-5209, and we will send you a complete packet of volunteer opportunities in the Roseville area.
How can I volunteer for the City of Roseville?
If you would like to volunteer for the City of Roseville, please visit our website at for available City volunteer opportunities. For volunteer opportunities with local non-profit groups, please visit  If you find something of interest, you can fill out the Volunteer Application available on the website or contact the agency you are interested in volunteering with directly.  
How do I file a claim against the City for damages?
To file a claim against the City for damages you must fill out a Government Claim form and deliver it to the City Clerk's office.  A form is available online here:   Government Claim Form. 

It is also available at the Risk Management office in the Human Resources Department located in the Civic Center at 311 Vernon Street, second floor,  or at the City Clerk's office located on the mezzanine level of the Civic Center. 
Do I need a HERS rater for every job?
Yes. Each job must be inspected by a certified HERS rater.
What kind of software can I use for the Manual J and Manual D?
Anything approved by ACCA.
Please submit a full report.
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