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Welcome to the Planet Protectors Website

The Roseville Utility Exploration Center's Planet Protectors are three extraordinary kids - working together to solve mysteries and save our planet.  You are invited to become part of the Planet Protector's club when you visit the Exploration Center as part of a school tour and during general visiting hours.  Whether you're new to comic books or a longtime fan, you're going to want to get your hands on these limited edition Planet Protector books.  Illustrated by Bernard Chang, a freelance artist and regular contributor at DC® and Marvel® Comics, these books are sure to become collector's editions. 

Take a moment to get to know our Planet Protectors.  Each of them stars as the lead character in our comic book series.

An investigative reporter
for the school newspaper,
loves snakes

Class president, debate
champion, loves science
and in-line skating

Voted most popular, Planet
Protector's Club President,

Mascot for the Utility
Exploration Center, loves
the environment

You can enjoy reading the Planet Protector comic books when you download them by clicking on the covers below.  1st-6th grade students can get their very own physical copies when they visit the Utility Exploration Center as part of a school tour or First Friday Homeschool Tour.  Everyone that visits the Exploration Center is welcome to a free copy of the Visitor's Guide.

Ghost House Mystery
Brandon rounds up the
Planet Protectors to help
him fend off a ghost
living in his house,
feeding on electricity and
causing havoc - all while
nobody's home!

Tale of Cruddy Creek
When Danica loses her
favorite baseball down
the storm gutter, she
calls upon the Planet
Protectors to discover
where all of that trash
and water goes.

Wasteland Nightmare
After narrowly avoiding
an avalanche of garbage,
Johnny convinces the
Planet Protectors to
reduce the amount of
trash they produce and
resources consumed.

The Visitor's Guide
The Planet Protector's
family guide. Use
this interactive guide to
navigate the Exploration
Center's exhibit hall and
to solve environmental
mysteries at home.

Students and visitors that complete the energy, water and waste home audits can bring back their complete activity books and get a free prize.  Each comic book has a prize that is associated with the theme of the comic book and the audit taken at home.

LED Crank Flashlight
Complete the Ghost
House Mystery activities
and get a FREE LED
crank flashlight.

Water Container
Complete the Tale of
Cruddy Creek activities
and get a FREE
reusable water bottle.

Sandwich Holder
Complete the Wasteland
Nightmare activities and
get a FREE Zero Waste
sandwich container.

Jelly Bracelet
Complete the Visitor's
Guide activities and get a
FREE Jelly Bracelet like
the Planet Protectors.

About the Utility Exploration Center, the Planet Protectors and our Utility Partners
The Roseville Utility Exploration Center is jointly funded and operated by Roseville Electric and the Environmental Utilities, departments of the City of Roseville. Supplying electricity, drinking water, recycled water, storm drain management, and water and solid waste services, these utilities provide Roseville's residents and businesses with reliable, affordable, safe and clean utility services. Learn more by visiting our utility partner websites at (Roseville Electric) and (Environmental Utilities).

See How the Planet Protectors Program Works
Watch the video below to find out more about the award winning Planet Protectors program.


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