The Exploration Center currently features six major exhibits within the 3,200 square-foot gallery space and a separate 800 square-foot Learning Lab suitable for class field trip experiments, speakers, demonstrations, workshops and other group activities. The current exhibits are made up of permanent displays designed so that they can be refreshed to include new content. The gallery area also provides space for rotating temporary displays.

  Video Globe
The first thing visitors see on entering the gallery space is a three-foot diameter revolving globe, featuring inside projection that allows staff to run nine different visual programs. Visitors begin their tours with a six-minute video displayed through the globe on the problem of climate change, what it means to Roseville, city efforts to lessen resource depletion, and how individual actions can bring about change. Globe projections allow eight other modules to run, including a depiction of ice cap melting, the planet's carbon generation hot spots, quakes and plates, 200 years of volcanoes, draining of the oceans, climate change, the conveyor belt current and the earth without clouds.
Wasteful World
This mountain of trash is a kid-favorite feature that explores how today's convenient lifestyle has led to increasing waste, which is quickly filling up landfills, often with toxic and non-biodegradable items. The interactive display lets visitors open clever portals to uncover interesting facts about our waste stream and explore recycling opportunities. Children love the crawl-through tunnel, while most adults enjoy a walking exploration.

  The Green House
Under a green house framework, this exhibit features interesting facts about common household items and activities that contribute to climate change, along with alternative actions that can undo harmful impacts. Visitors can also use their own power to light an incandescent and LED bulb and make a hair dryer work.
  Green/Not-Green Game Show
The miniature city model offers a virtual representation of Roseville that helps demonstrate how the city's utilities deliver service and what they are doing to address the challenges of limited resources and carbon generation. An interactive game show pits two teams of three against one another to see who can answer interesting questions about utility operations, sustainability efforts, and customer's opportunities to use fewer resources.

  Planet Protectors Comic Strip Wall
The Roseville Utility Exploration Center's Planet Protectors are three extraordinary kids - working together to solve mysteries and save our planet.  You are invited to become part of the Planet Protector's club when you visit the Exploration Center as part of a school or homeschool tour and during general visiting hours.  Whether you're new to comic books or a longtime fan, you're going to want to get your hands on these limited edition Planet Protector books.  Illustrated by Bernard Chang, a freelance artist and regular contributor at DC® and Marvel® Comics, these books are sure to become collector's editions. 
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Green House Makeover
The interactive wall display helps visitors understand how their actions at home have an impact on the environment. Designed to get people thinking about conservation, the display looks at energy savings, watershed protection, trash reduction and water efficiency.