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Water Softeners

Water Softeners in Roseville, Is It Worth the Cost?

The City of Roseville water supply comes predominately from Folsom Lake. It is treated at the City’s Water Treatment Plant off of Barton Road and delivered to City customers through a distribution system. The City’s potable water supply has a normal hardness of 1.6grains/gallon. This amount of hardness is classified as moderately soft water.

A multitude of residential water softeners are available. Normally they must be purchased then installed by a professional plumber. After installation, they are maintained by adding salt periodically to the softener. Is all this expense worth it? With the City’s water already moderately soft, the difference a softener makes is relatively small. Even softened water will leave salt residue spots on surfaces as it dries because it contains salt.

Why Does the City Care About Water Softeners?

The City of Roseville has a growing recycled water program. Currently the City delivers more than 6 million gallons of recycled water to irrigation and industrial customers on a peak day. Water softeners soften water by adding salt (either sodium or potassium) to the water. This salt then makes its way into the wastewater through normal uses such as flushing toilet, taking showers, and washing clothes. The City’s recycled water is a product of highly treated wastewater. This addition of salt from water softeners is passed into the recycled water from the wastewater.

Recycled water is used mainly for landscape irrigation. Excess salt in recycled water used for irrigation can impact grass by making it harder for the grass to take up the water. It also affects shrubs and trees in the same way. The salt can bind the soil in the summer at a time when plants need water the most.

Additionally, the recycled water that is not recycled is discharged to creeks. The additional salt from water softeners is not beneficial to the aquatic life in these waterways.


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