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Water Efficiency

2005 Hilltop Circle
Roseville, CA 95747

Phone: (916) 774-5761
Fax: (916) 774-5755

Lisa Brown
EU Outreach & Program Administrator

Jen Sbaffi
Water Efficiency

Water Efficiency

NOTE: On March 17, the State Water Resources Control Board approved a proposal to expand water use regulations statewide.  Based on the action, in the coming weeks, we will make ordinance and programmatic changes to ensure that the city is in compliance with the State’s new regulations. 

To help Roseville achieve sustainability in the upcoming months we have called for a mandatory 20% reduction in residential water use and a 30% reduction in commercial irrigation use. Our customers efforts to conserve during these dry times is critical in helping us maintain our already low water supply. Please take advantage of the valuable tips, how to videos, rebate information and educational material on this site and join in our effort to reduce our use by following these simple steps.

Turn off or reduce outdoor irrigation - Outdoor irrigation can account for up to 60% of your total water use.

Check for leaks - Drips and breaks can waste hundreds of gallons of water each day. Check out the "how-to-videos" for more information.

Monitor your water usage at  - Residents can create an account and start learning about their family's water use today.

Schedule a Water Wise House Call - Let our H20GUY analyze your water use and provide you with water savings tips and devices free of charge. Schedule your appointment today at or by calling (916) 774-5761.

Commercial customers can schedule a Water-Use Review - We'll perform a thorough assessment of indoor and outdoor use to identify inefficiencies and make recommendations for improvement. Call (916) 774-5761 to schedule your appointment today.

Report Water Waste at - Your eyes and ears are essential in helping the Efficiency Division identify potential problem areas and educating our residents about unnecessary water waste.

Thank you Roseville for doing your part!

Roseville Municipal Code - Drought Stages

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