Well Projects

Integrated Regional Water Management Plan Grant Projects

Del Webb and Hayden Parkway Wells
The City will drill and construct the new Del Webb Well and pumping facilities and will also construct pumping facilities for the existing Hayden Parkway Well. The Del Webb Well site is a one-acre, undeveloped parcel located on Blue Oaks Boulevard. The Hayden Parkway Well, located on .15-acre site on Hayden Parkway, that was previously drilled but pumping facilities were not constructed (see map below for locations). In both cases, pumps and facilities will be designed for ASR. In other words, they will allow surface water injection and stored water extraction.

The City received a $2 million Proposition 84 grant from the State to help pay for the projects. Total cost for both projects is estimated at $4 million.

Well Development Schedule
Drilling a monitoring well for the Del Webb Well is scheduled for early August 2012. There will be some increased noise and dust during construction. However, construction hours are limited to between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., and the contractor will be required to comply with the City’s noise ordinance.  Water quality information obtained from the monitoring well will be used to perfect the design of the permanent well. For example, the monitoring well will provide the City with information about how deep to drill the production well in order to pump the highest quality groundwater.

Well drilling at the Del Webb site is scheduled for January 2013 and will last approximately three months with facility construction to start shortly thereafter. Facilities construction for the Hayden Parkway Well is expected to begin in March 2013 and both wells should be fully complete by the end of the year.

The City will also provide notice to neighboring property owners in advance of all construction activities.

Del Webb and Hayden Parkway Wells Fact Sheet