Green Waste Information

The city's green waste collection program has been instrumental in giving Roseville the distinction of having one of the highest diversion rates in the state (diversion rate is the percentage of refuse that is recycled or reused). Below you will find useful information regarding the collection of your green waste container. 

If you have any questions, please email us or call (916) 774-5780.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I place my container for collection?
Please place your green waste container in the street with your garbage container. Be sure to leave at least 4 to 6 feet between your garbage and green waste container as well as all the way around the can. The refuse truck has grippers that wrap around the containers and lift them to the top of the truck to be emptied. If the container is not clear from obstructions such as cars, basketball hoops, fences, posts, mailboxes and other containers, there is a high risk of property damage; for this reason, if proper clearance is not provided the collector may not be able to empty the container.

What items can I place in my green waste container?

Acceptable items: Unacceptable items:

- Prunings (less than 4" in diameter and cut to fit inside )
- Leaves
- Grass Clippings
- Christmas trees (unflocked and cut to fit inside)

If you have questions about any materials not covered in the section, please contact us (916) 774-5780.

- Plastic bags
- Household garbage
- Concrete, dirt, rock
- Treated or painted wood (this includes landscape bark)
- Animal waste
- Glass
- Metal
- Garden hoses
- Stumps
- Lawn chairs
- Construction debris

Do I have to participate in this program?
Although we encourage participation, we understand that many of our customers do not have a need for this service. If you have a green waste container and want to have it removed, please contact us (916) 774-5780.

I moved into a home and there is not a green waste container, how do I order one?
If you moved into a new home and cannot locate a green waste container, the prior resident probably had it removed. To receive a container contact us (916) 774-5780.

My green waste container is damaged, how can I get it repaired or replaced?
To schedule service to repair or replace a damaged container, contact us (916) 774-5780.

Additional Information

  • Materials must fall freely from the container when dumped.
  • Containers may not be serviced if they are overfilled (the lid on the container must be closed), contain unauthorized materials (see list below for acceptable/unacceptable materials), or if the containers are not accessible (blocked by obstructions).

Special Services

If you need your container emptied before the scheduled collection day, or if you would like to order an additional green waste container, please contact us (916) 774-5780. Additional fees are charged for additional service.