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Shade Tree List

The following is a list of trees that we have found to best handle Roseville's climate zone and soil conditions. A printable tree list is also available.

 $25.00 Rebate
Aspen Bigtooth Mayten Tree
Chanticleer Pear Mockernut Hickory
Chinese Pistache Mountain Ash
Chinese Tallowtree Ornamental Pear
European Hornbeam Pin Cherry
Evergreen Pear Pink Idaho Locust
Flowering Pear Purple Leaf Plum
Goldenrain Tree Pyramidal Hornbeam
Hedge Maple Redspire Pear
Italian Alder Trident Maple
Japanese White Birch Tupelo
Little Leaf Linden  
$50.00 Rebate
American Elm Holly Oak
Aspen Quaking Honey Locust
Black Cherry London Plane
Black Locust Maidenhair (Ginko Biloba)
Black Walnut Norway Maple
Blue Oak Red Horse Chestnut
Burr Oak Red Maple
California Live Oak Red Mulberry
California Sycamore Red Oak
Camphor Red Sunset Maple
Carob River Birch
Chestnut (nut-bearing) Scarlet Oak
Chestnut Moreton Bay Shantung Maple
Cork Oak Southern Live Oak
Cottonwood Southern Magnolia
Dawn Redwood Sweetgum
Diamond Leaf Oak Sycamore
Eastern Cottonwood Tanbark-Oak
Eucalyptus Blue Gum Tulip Tree
Eucalyptus Lemon Scented Gum Turkey Oak
Eucalyptus Red Gum Valley Oak
Eucalyptus Silver Dollar White Ash
European Alder Willow Oak
European Hackberry Yarwood London Plane
Forest Green Oak Zelkova