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Solar Homes

Trees and Solar
can Work Together

When trees are mature, they should shade the windows, walls and air conditioner, but not solar panels.

Plant your shade tree in a position that will continue to shade parts of the home while leaving your solar system un-shaded.

When selecting trees for a solar home choose smaller trees. Be sure to check the projected tree height of the tree when it reaches maturity.

For a two story home choose small or short-medium trees from our recommended tree list.

As many solar systems are installed to face south-west, east and north-west areas of the home may still benefit from shade. Use a compass to trace the path of the summer sun for best tree positioning. 

Solar homes may require more small trees to provide adequate shading. The Roseville Shade Tree program will rebate up to 6 trees per household to help you get the shade you need. 

Be careful not to shade your neighbor’s solar panels.

  • Select a species of tree from the recommended tree list
  • Plant your trees in a position to shade your home
  • Do not block your, nor your neighbor’s, solar electric system
  • Do not plant your trees on the NORTH side of your home


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