2015 Rate Case

 Long Term Financial Strategy: Rate Case

Roseville Electric Utility regularly reviews electric rates to ensure that your community-owned public power provider remains financially stable and sound.   

Based on a recent financial review, Roseville Electric Utility has determined that we do not need to increase revenue over the next two years.  To align revenues with costs we are continuing what we began in 2012, the restructuring of rates to align them with the cost of providing electric services. The implemented rate restructuring includes a decrease in your energy consumption charges and an increase in the monthly flat fees. Which will not increase the amount of revenue we collect from our customers. 

Specifically, Roseville Electric Utility implemented the following rate structure changes for our residential customers: 

  • Reduce energy  rate (the amount you pay for each unit of electricity you use)
  • Increase monthly flat fee by $4 in January 2016 and January 2017
  • Eliminate the third tier energy rates in January 2016

We adopted a similar rate change for our business customers to better align the cost of providing electricity services.