Commercial Hydroelectric Adjustment

The hydroelectric adjustment funds the purchase of electricity that was not provided from our hydroelectric resources due to lower than average precipitation.

Roseville Electric receives approximately 18 percent of its electricity from hydroelectric resources (dams) in northern California. Because the precipitation this year was lower than average, Roseville Electric will receive less than the normal amount of electricity from those projects. To ensure we have energy to meet your needs, Roseville Electric will need to purchase additional energy to make up for the shortfall.

In wetter than average years, and when the Rate Stabilization Fund is fully funded, the hydroelectric adjustment is a credit. In drier than average years the hydroelectric adjustment is a charge. This year’s precipitation index is 36 percent (18.8 inches) below average.

Starting July 2014 and running through June 2015, Roseville Electric customers will see a hydroelectric adjustment of $0.00348 per kWh on their bills.