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General Information Memorandum
> June 20, 2011
> September 13, 2011

City Council Video
> July 18, 2012

In an effort to improve efficiency and reliability at the Roseville Energy Park, the utility is looking at a new way to dispose of the recycled water used in the cooling process of the turbines.

Electric believes replacing the current liquid management process will enhance reliability and reduce costs to the ratepayers. Staff estimates the proposed liquid management system could save as much as $1.8 million annually in operation costs.

On July 18, 2012, the City Council unanimously authorized Roseville Electric Utility to contract with Worley Parsons-Resource & Energy, to investigate a system where water used to cool the plant's combined cycle turbines into two wells specifically designed for this purpose. The proposed wells would be located 2,300 feet underground which is significantly below the existing underground aquifer layer. The City of Lodi currently uses a similar system for its power plant which began operation in 1994.

The City Council's action authorizes Electric to file a technical review of the proposed project to the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Liquid Management System Blog

New Questions & Answers
6/4/2013Roseville Electric Staff recently met with the Roseville Coalition of Neighborhood Associations (RCONA) and presented and overview of the Liquid Management System (LMS) project. Some of the attendees were unfamiliar with the project and asked good questions. Some of them had had been previously addressed on the LMS Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) webpage hosted on this site.

Welcome to the Liquid Management System Blog
2/27/2013This post kicks-off a BLOG that has been created to keep City of Roseville residents informed on the progress of the proposed Liquid Management System (LMS) at the Roseville Energy Park. The BLOG will offer the latest project updates.