HVAC Right-Size Program Updates

What’s new for 2013  

The program requirements have changed to increase energy efficiency and further ensure the proper sizing of an HVAC system prior to installation.

The following are changed or added requirements for participation in the rebate program:

  1. Manual J & Manual D sizing must be completed up front and submitted to receive a rebate reservation – systems installed without a reservation will not be rebated
  2. Increased Attic insulation is required  on all retrofits - minimum R30 is required
  3. Rebate amounts have been adjusted with a cap of $3,500– refer to the new rebate schedule
  4. Additional contractor incentives will no longer be offered
  5. All HVAC contractors must attend the instructional workshop and agree to the Roseville Electric code of conduct to participate
    1. Participating HVAC contractors will be listed on the Roseville Electric website
  6. Final Permit must be received prior to applying for rebate payment
  7. Roseville Electric will conduct post audits on completed work
  8. Rebates will be paid to contractors only
    1. rebate amount must be disclosed to customer at time of bid
  9. Sizing and installation requirements
    1. Summer Design, Outside db temp – 103°, Inside db temp 75°
    2. Latent Cooling, Sensible Heat Ratio – 0.97
    3. Maximum of 15% duct leakage
    4. Maximum of 5% variance on overall house air balance – regardless of room to room
  10. Programmable Thermostats are required with install