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Refrigerator and Recycling Rebates

Receive a rebate of up to $100 when you purchase a NEW energy efficient CEE Rated Tier III Refrigerator

Roseville Electric is offering a rebate of up to $100 to encourage residents to select refrigerators which provide the greatest amount of energy efficiency. Tier III refrigerators are rated as the most energy efficient by the Consortium for Energy Efficiency. The list of qualifying refrigerators updates monthly, please verify your compact or full size refrigerator appears on the most current list before applying for a rebate.

To apply for a Tier III refrigerator rebate, please complete the Tier III Rebate Application form and send to:
Mail:  Roseville Electric 2090 Hilltop Circle Roseville, CA. 95747
Fax: 916-784-3797



Roseville Electric Utility had contracted with JACO Environmental for the pick-up and recycling of refrigerators. JACO has unexpectedly discontinued operations. 

If you were in the process of participating in our refrigerator recycling program and have been unable to receive your rebate payment, please call Roseville Electric Utility 
at 916-797-6937 and we will assist you in receiving your rebate. We apologize for the inconvenience.



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