Power Partners

Do I need to be present for the installation?
No. All the technician needs is access to your outdoor A/C unit and your electric circuit box. You may, however, request to have the installation performed when you are at home.
Does that mean my home will get hot?
No. Typically you can expect a 1 to 3 degree increase in room temperature during a cycling period. Most customers will not notice that cycling is occurring.
How does the annual bill credit work?
You will receive a $10 bill credit when the device is installed, as well as a summer time bill credit of an additional $10 which you will receive every summer you participate. This equates to $20 your first summer and $10 every summer that follows. Receipt of your initial bill credit enrolls you in the program for a minimum of one calendar year from time of enrollment.
How does the Power Partners device work?
On selected days, a signal is sent to activate the device, which then cycles your A/C compressor off and on again. The common schedule will be to cycle off for 10 – 15 minutes every half hour, not to exceed 30 minutes an hour for the set cycling period.
How often will Power Partners devices be activated?
The devices may be activated on critical, hot summer days. Cycling may occur any day of the week from May through September.
I was part of the previous air conditioning cycling program and I currently have a switch installed on my air conditioner. Will you remove the old device before installing the new switch?
Yes. Our technicians will remove the old device and install the new load control device.
What is the Power Partners device?
The Power Partners device is a 9 1/2” x 7” wireless box mounted near your outdoor central air conditioning unit. The device operates with central air conditioning systems and is not designed for room A/C units or small space units.
What should I do if I think there is a problem with my air conditioner?
If your house isn't as cool as you think it should be, and you think it may be related to your power partners device, you can call 79-POWER to see if the device has been cycling. The power partners devices are used very infrequently, so chances are the problem is related to the air conditioner itself. Please contact your HVAC technician to troubleshoot the problem. It is extremely rare that the power partners device causes any problems with the air conditioner. 
What’s the catch?
There is no catch. There is no cost for participating in the Power Partners Program. Power Partners is a voluntary program to help Roseville Electric manage energy demand so we can keep your rates low and your lights on.
When will the device be installed?
Generally, the devices are installed within two weeks of signing up. A typical residential installation takes about 30 minutes.
Who will install the device?
The Power Partners device will be installed by a qualified third party contractor that has been specially trained to install, repair and remove the device. Devices will be inspected randomly to determine they have been installed and  are functioning properly.
Will I use less energy by being part of the Power Partners Program?
The Power Partner program is designed to reduce the overall demand for electricity in our community during the hottest days of the summer. This program is not designed to reduce energy usage. By reducing the overall demand for electricity by cycling air conditioners off and on for short periods of time, we will be able to help maintain electric system reliability for Roseville residents.
Will the Power Partners device turn my A/C on if it is off?
No. The device will not turn your A/C on in order to cycle it. It is designed to only work with A/C units that are in operation during system activation.
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