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Green Roseville FAQs

What is renewable energy?
Renewable energy is electricity that is produced from sources that replenish themselves naturally. This includes wind, sunlight (solar), landfill and agricultural waste (biomass), the heat of the earth (geothermal), and small hydro-electric facilities. Renewable energy does not include energy derived from fossil fuels or waste products from fossil sources.
Doesn’t Roseville Electric have to purchase the renewable power to meet State of California guidelines? So why should I pay more when you have to buy it anyway?
As a municipal utility, Roseville Electric is not mandated to purchase renewable energy to comply with legislation until 2020. Green Roseville is a voluntary program made available to those who wish to support renewable energy.
What is Green Roseville?

Green Roseville is a voluntary program from Roseville Electric that allows you to demonstrate your support for renewable energy. Your voluntary participation will help Roseville Electric purchase renewable energy you use in your home or business from regional renewable energy sources. Your participation is based on your energy use.

To recognize your contribution, Roseville Electric waives the Environmental Compliance charge for those customers who participate in Green Roseville at the 100% level.

What kind of energy do I get with regular service?
Please view our Power Content Label to find out where we get our energy from on a quarterly and annual basis.
Who is eligible for Green Roseville?
Any Roseville Electric customer who lives in a house, apartment, condominium or other dwelling having a separate meter and receiving power from Roseville Electric is eligible. Small commercial and large industrial customers are also eligible for participation.
Will the power to my home be dependent upon the wind blowing?
No. Your power will continue to be uninterrupted even when the wind isn't blowing because you are connected to the regional electricity system. The power that travels through the network of lines and wires that bring electricity to your home or business comes from a variety of sources.
Will the renewable energy go directly into my home?
When renewable power is delivered to the electric grid, it mixes with power from other sources. The actual electricity generated from 'green' sources is not directed to a specific home or business.
Do windmills harm birds and other wildlife?

The wind power purchased for the Green Roseville program comes from a verifiably “green”, regional wind plant with modern wind turbines.

Wind energy technology has changed significantly in the past ten years in an effort to reduce the number of avian and bat deaths caused by wind turbines. New wind farms are built away from migratory paths or mountain ridgelines and are designed to discourage nesting.

Further information about wind farms is available through the American Wind Energy Association:

Can you confirm that 100% of the electricity purchased under the Green Roseville program is from renewable, verifiable, non-fossil fuel resources?
Yes. Prior to this change, we purchased Green-e certified Renewable Energy Certificates (REC’s) for the program to represent the environmental attribute of renewable energy generated from a renewable energy source. The new program design is supporting a power purchase of regionally generated wind energy from a verifiable source.
Can you verify that the program actually increases the ratio of renewable sources in the City's electricity supply portfolio in direct proportion to the amount of renewable energy purchased by Green Roseville participants?
Yes. Our power content label is published quarterly and clearly identifies the percentages and types of power in our mix. Power purchases are long-term and volume based therefore the amount we purchase does not fluctuate with Green Roseville participation. Roseville Electric has reduced the percentage of non-renewable energy in our power mix by increasing the amount of renewable energy through the recent power purchase agreement with a regional wind energy provider. Green Roseville customers help support the purchase of this power through a voluntary contribution.
Does renewable energy cost more?
Yes, your contribution helps cover the premium on the renewable power purchase.
Does Roseville Electric support renewable energy in other ways?

Yes, Roseville Electric offers rebates to customers who purchase and install a solar system for an existing home. The award winning BEST Homes program offers new home developers generous rebates for integrating rooftop solar electric generation technology in new homes.

Roseville Electric and the City of Roseville seek opportunities to install solar electric systems on the rooftops of city and other publicly owned buildings. Existing systems are placed on the rooftops of the Civic Center, the Roseville Aquatics Complex, Silverado Middle School and Fire Station #6.

In addition, Roseville Electric also purchases power from renewable sources such as Hydro electric and Geo Thermal.

How long is my contract for Green Roseville?
You may cancel your voluntary enrollment in Green Roseville at any time with no charge by calling (916) 79-Power.
How much does participation in Green Roseville cost?
For residential and small commercial customers, participating in this program costs only 1.5 cents extra per kilowatt-hour or $15 per megawatt hour for 100 percentage of your energy usage. For the average resident in Roseville who uses approximately 800 kilowatt hours per month, the program is about $12 extra per month.
How will I be billed for Green Roseville?
Your purchase of renewable energy will appear on your regular utility bill as an additional line item.
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