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  1. Turn off non-essential and decorative lighting, especially in unoccupied areas.
  2. Replace flickering, dim and burned-out lamps.
  3. Clean fixtures and diffusers (at least annually).
  4. Color-code or mark light switches and circuit breakers that can be turned off when not needed.
  5. Use task lighting to directly illuminate work areas.
  6. Lower the height of light fixtures if possible to increase usable light.
  7. Replace burned out lamps with lower wattage energy-saving lamps wherever possible.
  8. Replace incandescent lighting systems with compact fluorescent and/or high-intensity discharge fixtures.
  9. Replace existing T12 fluorescent lighting systems with energy-efficient T8 lighting and electronic ballasts.
  10. Install more efficient security and parking lot lighting. High-pressure sodium fixtures are more efficient than metal halide, mercury vapor, fluorescent, or incandescent fixtures.
  11. Install time clocks or photoelectric cells to control exterior lighting, advertising sign lighting, and some interior lighting.
  12. Paint dark walls and ceilings with lighter colors to maximize the effect of existing light sources.
  13. Maximize natural lighting by installing skylights or windows.
  14. Install occupancy sensors or twist timers where appropriate to lower energy use such as in offices, stairwells, copy rooms, storage rooms and restrooms.
  15. Schedule janitorial services during the day, or use a minimum number of lights when cleaning at night. Color-code switches that should remain off when crews are cleaning.
  16. Implement a group re-lamping schedule, and re-lamp at 70% of rated lamp life.
  17. Trim bushes and trees away from outdoor lighting to maximize illumination and prevent shadows.


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