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General Terms & Conditions

All PV System Installations
  • PV systems being installed in the City of Roseville must comply with the requirements of the Business Solar Energy Program
  • PV systems being installed in the City or Roseville must apply for a building permit, pass all inspections, and pay appropriate fees and meter upgrade charges 
  • Installations are recommended to follow the State of California Fire Marshall Guidelines
  • Applicant must follow program guidelines and submit requirements outlined in Program Handbook and FORMS A through F prior to operating the PV system
  • PV systems require a net meter, cost of net meter upgrade to be paid by customer 
  • All applicants installing solar generation systems must abide by the requirements, rules, and regulations as defined in: 
    • Roseville Electric Business Solar Energy Program
    • Roseville Electric Rule 21 for Interconnection
    • Roseville Electric Construction Standards
    • City of Roseville Municipal Codes
    • City of Roseville Building Department Permit Requirements
    • Roseville Electric applicable City rules and regulations

Additional requirements for PV System Installation and Rebate Applicants

  • Rebate applicants must contact Kris Blair at (916) 774-5581 to confirm funding availability 
  • Rebate applicants must be the customer of record and have a current, non-delinquent Roseville Electric account 
  • Business Solar Energy Program applicants requesting rebates must reserve funds with Roseville Electric prior to construction of the PV system  
  • Applicants will have 120 days from the date of reservation to complete their project.  If funding is available, applicants who miss the 120-day deadline must re-apply for the rebate.  
  • PBI Systems 10-100kW also require a PBI PV production meter and dedicated phone line to be provided for quarterly PBI payment reads.  The cost of the net meter upgrade and installation and recurring monthly phone charges to be paid by customer 
  • Solar electric generation system providers are required to provide a twenty year or better warranty on modules and ten-year or better warranty on the inverter 
  • The solar electric generation system must be operated at the location stated in the application and interconnection agreement for a minimum of five years. Penalties apply for early removal of the solar electric generation system


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