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Business Lighting Energy Efficiency Rebates

Roseville Electric's lighting rebates are available for installing high performance lighting products; products that can help improve employee work areas resulting in improved work performance and reducing your facilities energy costs.

LED products must be qualified by ENERGY STAR® or by Design Lights Consortium.

Fluorescent lamps and ballasts must be qualified by the Consortium for Energy Efficiency.

Participating contractors

Screw-in & MR-16 Lamp Replacements

   Replace incandescent decorative, A, ER, BR, PAR, R or MR 16 to more efficient and long life options

Linear Fluorescent Retrofits and Delamping

  Replace existing lamps and ballasts with reduced wattage T8's and retain similar light levels.

Bi-Level Stairwell or Hallway Fixtures

  Replace existing fixtures with new smart fixture that uses reduced energy levels until occupancy is detected and the light is needed. 

Interior Hi-Bay Fixtures 

  Update existing HID fixtures, One-for One, to Linear Fluorescent or LED Hi-Bays for significant energy cost reductions.


  Includes: Motion, Hi-Bay and Plug Load – why run it when you don’t need it?


  For energy reducing lighting retrofit projects that don't fit into other measures

  • Please make a reservation prior to purchasing materials and beginning work to confirm project eligibility.
  • Pre and post equipment must meet technical requirements outlined in program details This program has a limited budget and will be available until funds are depleted.
  • Reservations for funds will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Download our Business Lighting program application for full details on participation and eligibility.

Please contact your account representative to assist with your rebate application and answer questions about your energy efficiency needs:

Large energy using customers – Contact Kris Blair via email or call her at (916) 774-5581

Small and medium energy using customers – Contact Mark Riffey via email or call him at (916) 746-1667


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