12 kV Upgrade

The City continues to grow at a rapid pace. Not all growth is in areas with sufficient 12-kV circuit capacity. The 12-kV Upgrade account provides the distribution capacity to serve this growing need.
Apart from adding feeders to meet with load growth, 12-kV capacitor is needed to reduce the system loading.  The 12-kV capacitor will reduce system loading by approximately 342 kVA for each 1200 kVAR installed. This means that $2 million of capacitor installation would reduce the power demand by 34 MVA. The average 12-kV circuit cost over $1 million to install (8 MVA capacity), and it cost $5.2 million to install a 56 MVA sub (no network).

The Distribution Automation project will focus on key customers of Roseville to reduce future outage restoration time.