New Businesses

Find more information about starting up a new business in Roseville.

Business Licenses
If you are opening a business within the City of Roseville or are a contractor who is doing work in Roseville, you can obtain a business license in a few easy steps. First, download a copy of the business license application. Next, mail or drop-off the completed application and required fee to the Licensing Division. When the application is complete and payment is received, a business license number is issued. The permanent business license will be mailed in about two weeks. Application may be made in person or by mail. For more information on obtaining a business license, please see the business license page.

Click here to view the Business License Handbook.

Home Based Businesses
Considering starting a business from your home? For many home occupations, it takes just a few steps. First, download a Home Occupation Clearance form. Next, submit the form to the Planning Division with the required fee. In most cases, Planning staff will review the clearance form over the counter. Once the Home Occupation Clearance form has been approved by Planning staff, you can apply for a business license following the steps above.
For many types of businesses, running the business out of your home is a great way to reduce costs or try out new ideas. In support of home based businesses, the City of Roseville recently updated home based business regulations to include these provisions;

  • For private instruction-based home businesses (such as music lessons), a maximum of (1) student at a time is allowed. For other types of home businesses, customers are allowed at the home with the approval of an Administrative Permit through the Planning Division.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of deliveries, however no delivery shall be by vehicles larger than an automobile, pickup or typical delivery van.
  • An employee can be allowed to work at a home based business with the approval of an Administrative Permit through the Planning Division. Up to two people who live at the residence may also operate the home based business.
  • Multiple home based businesses may be operated from a single residence so long as the cumulative impact of those businesses does not exceed the impacts that would be reasonably expected of a single home based business.
Please keep in mind that the goal of the regulations is to allow home based businesses while maintaining the residential characteristic of our neighborhoods. We highly recommend speaking with your neighbors prior to starting a home based business so that you and your neighbors have an opportunity to ask and answer questions. For a complete list of all performance standards required of home based businesses, please refer to the Planning Division's Home Occupation Clearance section.

Temporary Signs
Would you like to use a banner sign or window sign to promote your business? In most cases, no permit or fee is required if the sign meets the temporary sign criteria. For a quick overview of these guidelines, review the temporary sign brochure. For additional questions about temporary signage, please contact the Planning Division at (916) 774-5276.