Programs and Services for Businesses

The City of Roseville has a number of groups, services, and programs to help aid area businesses. Please look through this section to find numerous resources which can provide assistance for your business.


Research and Development Tax Credits - Businesses investing in in-house and outsourced research and experimental development in the state are eligible for credits against bank and corporate tax liabilities.  FAQ's Franchise Tax Board

Net Operating Loss Carryover - Businesses that experience a loss for the year are eligible to carry the loss over to the next year to offset income.  This program is currently suspended - check web site updates on program status.  Franchise Tax Board

Industrial Development Bonds (IDBs) - Businesses investing in the acquisition, construction, rehabilitation, and equipping of manufacturing and processing facilities can receive funds from tax-exempt IDBs issued by a government entity.  California State Treasurer

California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing Authority (CAEATFA) - Businesses purchasing manufacturing equipment used for zero emission vehicles can work with CAEATRA on a sale-leaseback transaction with sales tax exemptions. California State Treasurer

Pollution Control Financing - Businesses investing in the acquisition, installation, or construction of qualified pollution control, waste disposal, or waste recovery facilities and equipment can receive funds through tax-exempt bond financing programs. California State Treasurer

Recycling Market Development Zones (RMDZs) - Businesses located in a designated RMDZ that manufacture recycled raw materials, produce new recycled products, reduce waste from the manufacture of a product, or divert waste from landfills are eligible for low interest rate loans.  RMDZs in the Sacramento Region include Sacramento, Placer County and the West Sacramento Enterprise Zone.  Cal-Recycle

Foreign Trade Zones (FTZs) - Merchandise exported from or imported into an FTZ is excluded from customs duty and excise taxes until the time of transfer from the zone.  The Port of West Sacramento is designated as an FTZ with several subzones and serves as the Customs and Border Protection port of entry.


California Employment Training Panel (EPT) - Certain types of businesses that face out-of-state competition or are expanding in or relocating to the state are eligible for ETP funds to offset the cost of job skills training for current and new employees.  ETP also has an agreement with the California Energy Commission to utilize American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funding to offer targeted training for jobs related to energy efficiency, water efficiency, and renewable energy - check web site for Clean Energy Workforce Training Program status.

California Employment Development DepartmentEmployers can enter job listings, browse resumes, and find qualified workers through EDD's CalJobs system and participate in work sharing programs that prorate unemployment insurance benefits to workers whose hours and wages are reduced.  EDD also provides training subsidies and layoff transition assistance in partnership with One-Stop Career Centers.

Workforce Investment Boards (WIBs) - Businesses can utilize the WIB-operated One-Stop Career Centers and business services for job posting and recruitment assistance, resources on operating a business and workplace laws, customized training programs, access to labor market data, downsizing/layoff assistance, and information on various financial incentives.  Many WIBS also provide special incentives for hiring youth (ages 16-21) such as tax credits, screening, and basic training.  Golden Sierra Job Training Agency

California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) - Employers can access trained and experienced workers in a specific set of occupations through the DIR Division of Apprenticeship Standards.

Community College Economic and Workforce Development - Employers can work with their local community colleges through their economic and workforce development programs to access training and consulting services such as on-site customized training, employee skills assessments, college courses, performance evaluations, and program management assistance.  Sierra College

California Department of Education (CDE) - Employers can access workers with basic technical and occupational knowledge through the CDE's Career Technical Education programs for high school students and adults that provide fundamental job competencies training, the background for advanced education and training, and opportunities to upgrade existing skills in a number of specific career fields.

CareerGPS - Employers can utilize the CareerGPS website to access information about regional education and training programs for specific occupations and to analyze local labor market data and forecasts.

UC Davis Extension - Employers can access resources through the UC Davis Extension to assist with educational needs assessment, instructional design, educational delivery (in person and online), custom training, facilitation, and program evaluation.

Sacramento State College of Continuing Education - Employers can access courses, workshops, customized training, conference services, and skills screening to help identify and manage training and development needs through Sacramento State's College of Continuing Education.


California Small Business Development Centers -
Existing small businesses and new entrepreneurs can receive no-cost business consulting, management training, and technical assistance through the network of Northeastern California Small Business Development Centers.  Service centers in the Sacramento Region are housed at the Los Rios Community College District, Sierra College, and the Yuba Community College District campuses.

Roseville Electric Utility Rebates and Incentives - Business customers investing in facility equipment, new construction, and energy efficiency measures are eligible for a variety of loans, technical assistance programs, and rebates.