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Roseville City Council

From left to right: Pauline Roccucci, Bonnie Gore, Tim Herman, Vice Mayor Susan Rohan and Mayor Carol Garcia.

The City of Roseville operates under the council-manager form of municipal government. Council members are elected at large for four-year terms of office. Two and three Council members will be elected alternately at the general municipal election in November of even-numbered years. The Council member receiving the highest number of votes in the latest election is seated as Vice Mayor for the first two years of his or her four-year term, and as Mayor for the final two years. The City Council enacts laws and establishes administrative policy for the city.

Roseville residents are encouraged to attend City Council meetings. Residents who wish to address the Council may do so according to guidelines noted in the pamphlet, Your City Council Welcomes You. The pamphlet is available outside the Council chamber, the City Clerk's Department and the Communications Office.

Audio-Visual Guidelines
City Council Meeting Calendar
Meeting Agendas

Online Streaming Video
PowerPoint Presentation Guidelines

Council Meetings
The Roseville City Council meets on the first Wednesday of the month and usually conducts adjourned meetings the third Wednesday of the month. Meetings are held at 7 p.m. in the Council chamber located at City Hall, 311 Vernon Street. Special meetings and workshops are scheduled as needed; see our Online City Council Calendar for up-to-date meeting information.

Agendas are posted at the entrance to City Hall on Fridays. Copies of the backup materials are available on the Friday preceding Council meetings in prominent city locations including the reception area of the City Clerk's Department and the Roseville Public Library.

Online Streaming Video
Check out the City Council streaming video center. Watch live meetings, search for agenda items, view past meetings online, or subscribe to our City Council RSS feed.

Council Broadcasts
Residents may watch live broadcasts of all public meetings held in the City Council chamber on Channel 14 if you have Comcast Cable and Channel 73 for Surewest Televideo , Roseville's government access channel. The meetings are rebroadcast at 9 a.m. the morning following each meeting and again on weekends. Meeting agendas, minutes, and synopses are prepared by the City Clerk.

Contact the Roseville City Council You may address correspondence to Roseville City Council members as follows:

Roseville City Council (or individual council member's name)
City Clerk's Department
311 Vernon Street
Roseville, CA 95678
(916) 774-5200
(916) 786-9175 [fax]

City Council Phone Numbers
Mayor Carol Garcia
(916) 752-6185

Vice Mayor Susan Rohan
(916) 412-4796 

Councilmember Bonnie Gore
(916) 773-3632

Councilmember Tim Herman
(916) 759-2710

Councilmember Pauline Roccucci
(916) 782-2708 

City Council Email Address


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