Civic Engagement

Strong communities spring from robust civic engagement.  To build a strong community, it’s important to encourage dialogue from an array of interests.  For many years, the City has worked with its neighborhood associations to encourage an open dialogue that fueled innovation and engagement.  The City extends the reach by participating in many community and civic groups, industry associations, and public-interest forums to raise awareness of issues and broaden the discussion on solutions. The effort continues from there.  The City’s online e-notify service offers free e-mail subscriptions on a range of topics from traffic alerts to public safety, and a biweekly City of Roseville e-newsletter that highlights events, initiatives, alerts, and policy decisions that pertain to a more general audience.

The City’s social media presence has expanded significantly. As the fragmentation of media continues, our audiences get their information in a variety of ways and the City needs to meet them in the space where they are active.  Twitter has become an especially critical information channel during emergencies, and Facebook offers a more personalized approach to online engagement.  NextDoor, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest are other social media channels that feature participation from the City.  Additional initiatives that are strengthening civic engagement efforts include:

Public Affairs & Communications Strategic Plan - In FY2013-14, the City began development of a citywide Strategic Public Affairs & Communications Plan. With a focus on implementing best practices, aligning resources, establishing protocol and strengthening communication internally and externally, the plan will guide the City’s communications, legislative advocacy, marketing, and digital engagement efforts. Interviews, surveys, and focus groups with staff members, elected officials, community and business leaders, and the general public have provided valuable feedback that ensure it is relevant and tailored to the needs of the community. The Public Affairs & Communications Strategic Plan will be completed and implemented in FY2014-15.

Virtual City Hall Strategic Plan - As society’s online expectations grew beyond one-way information sharing to interactions and transactions, the need for round-the-clock access to city services blossomed into the City’s Virtual City Hall initiative. This effort will enhance the accessibility of the City’s data and information, offer customized news and information, expand mobile offerings, and increase the ability of residents to conduct business transactions. It will also provide a framework for decision-making and prioritization of citywide initiatives and departmental projects, factoring in resource requirements and availability.  The Virtual City Hall Strategic Plan will be implemented in FY2014-15.

Roseville in :90 - Given the complexity of the inner-workings of local government, there’s an opportunity to enhance understanding of the policy and operational frameworks in which decisions are made. To this end, the City has developed a new, award-winning series of 90-second animated videos called "Roseville in :90," to strengthen understanding and help constituents engage in meaningful dialogue on city issues. Episodes focus on what it means to be a full-service city, the budgeting process, how parks are built and roadway maintenance. New episodes will highlight the City’s roadway resurfacing program and water supply and reliability.
Council Coffees - By hosting town hall-style meetings called "Council Coffees," City Council members engage in informal discussion with community members on topics of interest, ensuring another opportunity for the community to join the conversation. 

Looking Ahead

This budget reflects Roseville’s values and priorities, which help determine where we invest our resources. It’s the compass by which we navigate the City’s fiscal path forward, addressing our liability and allocating resources to ensure long-term economic sustainability. An important part of the City’s fiscal success has been its unwavering commitment to proactively managing expenses and ensuring it is well-positioned to address challenges. As we expand the high levels of service we provide and continue to work on key initiatives, Roseville has placed itself in an optimal position to take advantage of a strengthening economy.