Civic Engagement

FY 2017-18 Council Goal: Civic Engagement

The City is passionate about helping our communities engage in making informed, balanced decisions about the place we live.

To build a strong community, it’s important to encourage dialogue from an array of interests, particularly as government activities have recently moved from afterthought to top-of-mind. The evolution of communication created a level of awareness that hasn’t existed before. More people are engaged in policy decisions, but not necessarily with accurate information. Ensuring that facts and context are available in the realms where people get their information is a strategic priority of the City’s civic-engagement efforts.

Engage Roseville: A Community Conversation about Priorities

Different perspectives, insightful dialogue, and new solutions emerge when there’s a shared commitment to understanding each other. For these reasons, civic engagement is the intent of an effort the City Council initiated at its FY2017-18 Council Goals Workshop to engage the community in prioritizing city services and levels of service that are expected within projected budget constraints. In addition to establishing a Community Priorities Advisory Committee (CPAC), the City will engage in broad outreach to provide opportunities for online and in-person engagement. Updates on this effort and broadcast of all CPAC meetings will be available on the City’s website at engageroseville. 

Neighborhood Outreach

For many years, the City has worked with its neighborhood associations to encourage an open dialogue that has fueled innovation and engagement. The Public Affairs & Communications Department attends monthly meetings of both the Roseville Coalition of Neighborhood Associations and the Sun City Government Affairs Committee; the Police Department has an officer at each of the two dozen or so monthly neighborhood association meetings; and Development Services Department provides notification, overview, and presentations on new development projects as they are proposed. Development Services also provides information on ordinance updates and code-enforcement processes and procedures on a regular basis.

City representatives work with the Roseville Chamber of Commerce and various civic groups, industry associations, and public-interest forums to raise awareness of community issues and broaden the discussion on solutions. At the same time, City Council members host town hall-style meetings called "Council Coffees," where they engage in informal discussion with community members on topics of interest, ensuring another opportunity for the community to join the conversation.

Online Outreach

The effort continues from there into the digital realm. The City is exploring opportunities to use newer technologies such as Facebook Live and online town halls to enhance opportunities for information sharing between government and the people it serves. The City’s online e-notify service offers free e-mail subscriptions on a range of topics from traffic alerts and public safety to policy items. The City is actively engaged in a variety of social media channels: Facebook, NextDoor, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest, which also offer the opportunity for two-way interaction.

Launched in FY2014-15, the Open Data Portal offers a single website location where City data can be accessed. Initial data sets include often-requested items such as permits and crime statistics. As we expand this base to include more data, this will provide round-the-clock access to City data and reduce the amount of time spent filling regular requests for public records.