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A Great Downtown

The Council established the Roseville Community Development Corporation in 2010 with a focus on revitalizing downtown in addition to the broader community. One of the RCDC’s first big successes was granting a loan that facilitated the opening of Sammy’s Rockin’ Island Bar & Grill restaurant in September 2012, a catalyst for other development on Vernon Street.  Shortly after, Surewest Communications announced its plans to relocate approximately 300 employees from its Industrial Avenue campus to a centrally-located facility at 200 Vernon Street that had sat empty for many years, but is now helping propel revitalization in the heart of Downtown Roseville.

Downtown Master Developer - The implementation of that downtown vision continues with the public-private partnership mentioned earlier with a master developer for downtown.  This will help with financing plans, branding the downtown experience and determining the correct tenant mixes.

Town Square - The Parks, Recreation & Libraries Department is adding responsibilities for programming activities and events year round in the new town square to be opened in Summer 2013. The vision is to make the area walkable, family friendly, and welcoming so people will patronize businesses, visit theaters and galleries, and attend special events building a stronger business base and sense of culture and community identity.

Enhancing Downtown Infrastructure - As we continue our investment in downtown facilities and infrastructure, the City will consider the adoption and implementation of a comprehensive parking plan for downtown Roseville to meet the increased demand that new businesses, town square, and events will generate.

Cultural Arts Strategy - In April 2013, Council approved the development of a Cultural Arts Strategic Plan to develop a community vision and strategy for the arts.  With input from Placer Valley Tourism and the Chamber of Commerce, the City selected a consultant who will solicit community input, assess current arts programs and facilities, develop and benchmark goals, assess financial resources, and recommend initiatives.  The strategy will be completed in FY2013-14.

Looking Ahead

This budget reflects our values and priorities, which help determine where we invest our resources. It’s the compass by which we navigate the City’s fiscal path forward, addressing our liability and allocating resources to ensure long-term economic sustainability. An important part of the City’s fiscal success during these challenging times has been our ability to implement various parts of a plan to reduce the structural deficit. As we maintain the high levels of service we provide and embark on several new, key initiatives, Roseville has placed itself in an optimal position to take advantage of a recovering economy. 


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