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Premiering Downtown!
Coming Attractions - Rediscovering the Heart and Soul of Roseville.
Our community; Roseville residents, merchants, business owners, property owners, and City staff, is thoroughly committed to re-establishing Downtown Roseville as the vibrant and active heart and soul of Roseville. A 24-member steering committee, representing all facets of the community, worked with the Redevelopment Agency to create the Downtown Vernon Street and Historic Old Town Specific Plan. This specific plan establishes development guidelines, recommends policy changes, and prioritizes a list of capital improvement projects that will ultimately define the future of 165 acres of Downtown Roseville.

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Use of Existing Assets - Dry Creek and Royer Park combine to form a natural border for Downtown Roseville. However, for decades, they have been separated from the Downtown by both physical barriers and public perception. A major goal of the specific plan is to reconnect the creek and the park to Downtown Roseville through a proposed series of improvements that include a creekwalk, an amphitheater, interactive water features, and enhanced facilities.
Pedestrian Connectivity - Every successful public place provides a safe and inviting pedestrian environment. The Downtown development process recognizes the need for improved connections between Vernon Street and Historic Old Town, between these areas and Royer Park, and throughout the entire project area.
Quality Design - Ongoing streetscape & infrastructure improvement projects in Historic Old Town and on Riverside Avenue will create an environment conducive to development. By providing districts that offer the utility capacities, transportation options, and aesthetic amenities necessary to support growth, Downtown Roseville continues to develop as an "opportunity" site for businesses, developers, and residents.
Destinations/Public Spaces - Downtown Roseville is a destined to become a place where people can gather to interact with one another, to walk, to shop, and to experience a variety of interesting activities. Public plazas, public art, children's activities, chess tables, shade, water fountains, and colorful landscaping are contemplated in the specific plan.
Mixed-Use Development - The specific plan encourages the inclusion of mixed-use projects. This would include buildings that provide ground floor retail stores with residential or office space above. For many, the Downtown may provide an opportunity to live in the heart of an active urban center with ready access to restaurants, entertainment, and a number of public amenities. Imagine owning or renting a place above an art gallery or a coffee shop or being a block or two from an active public plaza or a theater.

Since 1995, when the City Council made the revitalization of the Downtown one of its priorities, a succession of activities have taken place that have the area on the verge of this renaissance. These activities include:

There is still a tremendous amount of work to be done and your input can help us define the approach and set the priorities for accomplishing the goals of the specific plan.


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