Fire Station #1 Relocation Project

The relocation of  Fire Station #1 from the intersection of S. Grant Steet and Oak Street will provide an approximately 3 acre development site. Integrated into the development is a creek walk intended to connect Douglas Blvd. to the current Icehouse bridge location.

From there you will be able to gain access to the fully completed bike trail system that will take you all the way out to Sierra College Blvd. This level of development will then help to activate the Downtown!

As part of the Downtown Specific Plan the relocation of Fire Station No. 1 was supported by the community. An evaluation of where to site a new station was performed and the intersection of Oak and Lincoln Street was selected.

The City has been actively pursuing this relocation and over the past 3 years has acquired all properties necessary to construct this facility. This facility will be funded through the fire facilities fees, which are development impact fees that can only be utilized to construct facilities. 

Envisioned by the Specific Plan, the current Fire Station #1 site would be replaced with a project consisting of four buildings oriented towards Dry Creek and accessible from Oak Street. This mixed use development would provide a mix of residential units, retail, and office spaces. The overall development plan would place approximately 234,000 square feet of new development fronting on to Dry Creek.