Development Activity

Downtown RosevilleA Vision for Downtown Roseville:
Downtown Roseville is a prosperous and vibrant destination. Its pedestrian-friendly environment links a mix of retail and residential uses with parks, public plazas, the creekwalk, and cultural resources. Downtown is a place for the community and visitors to gather for festive events and celebrations. It is a place where people want to go, stay, and play – morning, noon, and night.

Guiding Principles:
The guiding principles serving as the strategy framework for implementing the Downtown Roseville Vision include:
  • Improve connectivity within Downtown as well as between Downtown and its surroundings;
  • Identify land uses and developmentstandards responsive to market opportunities and that facilitate quality architecture and urban design:
  • Reinforce identity through the establishment of character districts and gateway elements;
  • Create and enhance public places that support community activity, spirit and involvement; and
  • Promote arts, culture, heritage, entertainment, and education.

Specific Plan Areas - Downtown


Public Projects - Capital Improvement Projects (CIP)


 Catalyst Sites Map
 Walking Tour Handout
Catalyst Sites/Walking Tour

A pedestrian's guide to the Downtown Vernon Street and Historic Old Town Specific Plan.  Six display boards have been installed throughout Downtown Roseville. Each board represents either a private investment opportunity or a public project proposed by the Downtown Specific Plan. The City of Roseville invites you to take a self-guided tour of the Downtown. The map below identifies the location of each display. Get an early glimpse of the future of Downtown Roseville!


Private Projects/Permit Activity

The link below lists current development activity in the City of Roseville.  Each Development Activity Report provides a map that defines the specific plan areas throughout Roseville.  For anyone interested in development specific to Downtown Roseville, please note both the Downtown and Riverside sections of the Current Monthly or Current Quarterly reports.

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