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Video of archived meetings

Audio Visual Guidelines

General Guidelines

  • Televised presentation materials will be shown at the discretion of the meeting chairperson.
  • All materials shall be submitted three working days in advance for presentations requiring the Communications Division’s assistance.
  • All audio visual materials submitted must have a label noting the contact person and daytime telephone number.
  • The City Manager must review all materials for City Council meetings. Commission staff members will review materials for Commission meetings.
  • If approval is granted by the Chairperson, Communications staff will run all presentations from the control room adjacent to the Council Chambers. Please arrive at the meeting early and check in with the Communications staff person to finalize the details on your presentation and verify the agenda item number.
  • Outside materials shown at Planning Commission and the City Council meetings become part of the public record and will be kept by the City Clerk’s or Planning Department.

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  • Video clips can be played from individual files or DVD.
  • Staff recommends that the video be no more than 5 minutes in length. City policy is to limit those addressing the Council or Commission on an item to 5 minutes. The applicant has the choice of speaking for 5 minutes, showing the video (with the approval of the chairperson), or a combination of the two not to exceed 5 minutes unless extended by the chairperson.
  • Public Affairs and Communications staff will preview the tape to check broadcast quality and compatibility with the existing system. Public Affairs and Communications staff will notify the person submitting the tape as far in advance as possible if the video is not playable in city equipment.

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PowerPoint Presentations

  • Presentations should be made in a 4 x 3 format.
  • PowerPoint files can be accepted on DVD or USB memory stick. If there are problems with the presentation, you will be contacted as soon as possible.
  • Public Affairs and Communications staff will run the presentation from the control room; the speaker should be prepared to say “Next Slide” for each slide change during the presentation.

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Photographs must be scanned and inserted into a PowerPoint presentation for use. Communications staff will advance the PowerPoint slides from the control room.

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Maps/Large Displays

It is recommended that maps or other visual display items be scanned and inserted into a PowerPoint presentation. For large, freestanding displays, presenters should bring their own easels and consult with the Public Affairs and Communications staff prior to the meeting for placement to best show the exhibit on camera.

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Public Affairs & Communications
311 Vernon Street
Roseville, CA 95678
(916) 774-5397


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